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Since having children, our days and nights are full of family time.  No complaints from me, I can imagine anyone else I would rather share my time with than these crazy kiddos!  But this month Bryan and I have been discussing the need for us to have more time together, rather to make more time together.  We have decided we are going to try to make some adjustments and schedule in a monthly date night.

While we will probably stay local most nights, we have decided taking in an event or maybe even a concert will be on our future to do list.  As I am all about saving money, when ScoreBig asked if I would like to review their services I couldn’t turn them down.  Let me explain why!

scorebig homepage review is a site that helps you to save money on tickets to events and attractions while never paying full price!  There are more events in certain locations than others, but since the events are always changing so are the selections!

You can either search by location or by the type of tickets you are looking to purchase to narrow down your selection.  Once you have selected an event, you can then select the type of seats you desire.

scorebig bidding review

It will show you the ticket price and you are able to select a price you would like to bid.  While you do have to enter your credit card information then, you will not be charged if your bid is not selected.  There is a bar on the bottom that shows how likely your bid is to be accepted.  Then, you will know instantly if your bid has been selected.  Pretty cool, right?

scorebig sea world tickets

With the motto:

Save on every ticket.  Every day.

You can expect to save up to 60% off box ticket prices.

If you frequent a major league events, you can save a fortune!  If you are looking for tickets for an attraction, such as Sea World, Lego Land, Knottsberry Farm or tickets to a concert or MLB event, be sure to check out  Nothing beats having a blast and making memories while feeling great knowing you scored and saved money too!

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