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I have spent 27 months out of the last 72 months pregnant.  That is a bit scary to think about when you put it into those numbers.  Between my pregnancies I hated to purchase clothing that actually fit, simply because I so wanted to quickly get back into my pre-baby weight, so I made due with just purchasing a few pieces.

It has only been about 3 1/2 months since I gave birth to Bethany but this is the first time I am motivated to accept who I am in this phase of my life.  The size I am is just a number and I am finally okay with the fact I may never wear a size six again.  I want to lose more of the baby weight but I also want to feel good in my own skin now.

I have never been one to go out and purchase a new wardrobe with each season or even annually.  I love purchasing classic pieces that can be dressed up with current trendy accessories or seasonal pieces.  Being a Mama, I tend to shop for everyone else but me.  This year I plan to find my style again and not just look like a frazzled Mama all the time.  I have been window shopping and can’t help but dream about adding a few new outfits to my closet once I reach my target weight.

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In window shopping online I have found some amazing outfits as well as many great deals.  Spiegel is a company I remember first learning about back in the 90s when I lived in Utah.  My Mother received the Spiegel catalogs in the mail and I loved looking at them and picking out my favorite outfits.  I had just as much fun checking out their new lines online and I found some awesome classic pieces that I can mix with some fun accessories that can simply be changed out for a brand new look.

Everyone needs a black dress!  It can be changed to look different with each season  by simply switching out  what you wear with it.  Dress it up with pumps and sparkle or wear it more causally with some fun flats and a cropped cardigan.   This dress and sweater are both on sale for less than $20.  Such a great deal!

Lots of people are counting down for December 25th but Spiegel is counting down for another reason!  Each day leading up until December 25th they are offering amazing deals on a new item each and every day.  The kicker, you can’t find out what item it is until that day!  I love surprises, especially when they are beautiful and unique pieces of clothing for a steal!

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One of the previous sales was this beautiful Jacquard Miranda Jacket that retails for $164 for only $19!  That is such a huge savings and is 88% off.  Make sure you join in the fun and be sure to discover each new deal being offered daily until the 25th at Spiegel.ccom.  Be sure  to follow Spiegel on Twitter and Facebook so you can find out about all the sales first!

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