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Being a homeschooling mom of four, life is always hectic.  It is always exciting when we plan to get together and have playdates with other friends and family.  Sometimes we plan activities but more often than not, we get together for some good ole fun.  It is our experience that when you get a bunch of little kids together, they want to just play rather than craft but sometimes it all works out.


Today we planned a fun little playdate with a fun, simple craft.  It involved drawing, coloring, fingers and ink.  If I have found out one thing from crafting with my own children, when fingers are involved, so are smiles!


We made these adorable Panda fingerprint animal art pieces.  You can get all the details and instructions to make your own on this post.  They are really quite simple but still fun.  Each of the children, by using their own fingerprint on their art, make it unique and all their own.    My kids love making art, especially art to share with loved ones.  These are so cute and can be made in so many ways, including cards to mail to family and friends.


Of course with ink and children involved, messes were to follow.  Each child was equipped with a package of WaterWipes to make clean up easy.  My children love getting their hands and fingers covered in anything, but when they are finished, they are ready to be cleaned.


WaterWipes are hands down my favorite wipe for changing babies but also for everything else you can think of!  I have a package in my diaper bag, a package in my van, in the bathroom and on my desk.  They are always within reach.  Today was a perfect day to have them all available at each of the kids stations.  After they dipped their fingers in their ink and made their impressions on their art we were able to quickly contain the mess.  It was so simple!


I have raved about WaterWipes for the last two years since they have been in the US.  I had family visiting last year when I received a shipment and they quickly became fans.  My sister who lives across the street who also has two young children quickly became a fan as well.  They are so soft and clean perfectly.


I love that they don’t contain harmful ingredients like so many other baby wipes do.   I want only what is best for my children, especially what is put on their skin.  WaterWipes are chemical free wipes with only two ingredients, 99.9% pure Irish water and 0.1% grapefruit seed extract.  The wipes easily removed the excess ink from their fingers and let us get on with the fun.


What are some times you can see yourself turning to WaterWipes to rescue you from the messes?

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