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We have been in our house now two years.  Two years!  It has flown by in ways and at times still feels like it was yesterday we were moving in.  The two older kids still talk about missing the house in the country at times, but for the most part we are settling in.  Despite the time we have been in the house, there are many rooms undecorated and lots of painting and extra touches needed.  There are only so many hours in the day and usually that falls into the not enough category.

This spring we committed to getting each of the kids room put together.  It is amazing how adding a few beloved pictures on the wall and a few special treasures really make a house feel like a home.

For now, our two girls have chosen to share a bed.  That may change in a year or two but for now they enjoy it.  It’s really a funny story, but at the moment we took their mattresses off their bedframe and it is resting on the floor.  It is hard to really make a room feel complete without some sort of headboard, even with the walls decorated so I decided to create a floating headboard that would be easy to make, simple to install and remove when the time comes to either separate their beds or put it back on the bedframe.

This floating DIY headboard could essentially be done in a day and for about $30.   If you have reclaimed wood and paint then the cost would simply be about $10 for the 3M hangers.  You don’t need any screws or nails, if you really didn’t want to you don’t even need power tools.  How is that for easy?

Supplies Needed


When purchasing your wooden planks, you can ask them to cut the boards to size if you don’t have or don’t feel comfortable using a saw yourself.  I purchased 10 foot boards as it was cheaper and then had about 18″ left over from each board after they were cut.  I was creating my headboard for a full sized bed so I cut my boards to 52″.

Then they needed a light sanding to create a smoother finish.  We used a palm sander but this could easily be completed by hand with just sheets of sandpaper.

Once sanded I painted them using white chalk paint.  I have great affection for chalk paint and already had enough on hand to complete this project.  If you want them to look more rustic, you can add more layers of paint or stain and then lightly sand the edges to rough them up a bit.  I choose to leave them as is.

Next step is to measure where you want to place your first board.  After playing with the measurements, I decided to place them on the wall just below where the top of the pillows will hit when the bed is made.  I used a level and with a pencil measured where I wanted the center of the first board to adhere to the wall.

Then I marked the center of the first board and firmly adhered a 3M mounting strip.  Be sure to really affix it good.  Next line it up with the 3M mounting strips on the wall and press the wood firmly.  You will hear each side make a rough clicking noise.  For the first bottom board I also added strips to the very bottom corner on each side to give it extra support since the girls will likely be leaning more on the bottom board.

Make sure the board is level and adjust is slightly up or down as necessary.  Repeat the same steps with the other boards leaving about 1/4″ gap between the boards.  After we placed the first board on the wall, the others took about ten minutes to complete.

So first question we asked, would it be safe enough not using nails or screws?  We have used the 3M Command mounting pieces for several years and they have held up amazingly well.  Each board weighs less than 10lbs and is supported by strips with the ability to hold 32lbs or more on the boards with more than two mounts.  So we decided for our family we were good with the 3M mountain strips.  If you are concerned, use anchors and secure each piece to the wall with screws.  That is your decision, I’m just sharing how I decided to mount ours.

After getting the headboard up, now it was time to add some special features to the wall.  When I am able to, I love to let the kids have a say in what they like and choose pieces that they feel are beautiful.  I like to have a few large feature pieces and then fill in the gaps with smaller pieces that tell their story.

I had collected various frames that I planned to repurpose and paint with their art work in a few.  I painted six small frames and one 8×10 frame with the white chalk paint as well.  These were frames I paid $.10 each for ages ago.  The girls made watercolor paints to be added to three, and the other three choose photos for.

I had purchased the initials A + B some time ago that I stashed away and completely forgot about.  They light up and the girls couldn’t have been more excited when I pulled them out.  I let them choose the colors for their initials and they painted them.  After they were finished I came behind and pained the edges.

Some time ago we also had purchased a set of three sunburst mirrors on clearance for a couple of dollars.  They were a yucky brownish color so we painted them yellow and white to pop against the gray wall.

Now we had to decide on the feature pieces.  The girls loved helping me choose which photos they wanted on their framed print we were ordering from Shutterfly.  We had just taken recent photos for an Osh’Kosh campaign and Addie wanted to use the photos of her brothers and sisters.  We played with the layering featured and changed the look several times but in the end we truly loved how it came out.  It was going to be our centerpiece over their headboard.

Then we had to decide what pictures we wanted to use for the canvas print that would be hanging over the girls Cinderella castle and of course they wanted pictures from one of our Disney trips.  It was so hard to decide but once they started looking through the photos, they both decided the pictures from our Disney Social Media Moms trip were perfect.

I often reposition things multiple times before I am happy with the end result so I lay it all out on the floor and move things around, and around and around again before I am happy.  Once it is all good, then I start hanging it all.  I left a spot to add a word just above the bed and one small place to add an arrow but overall the wall is completed and I LOVE how it turned out!  More importantly, the girls LOVE how it turned out.

To add final touches on the bed, I surprised them and also ordered a photo pillow from Shutterfly with their canvas and framed print.  They really have so many so it was hard to choose but in the end I went with one I knew that they would both love.  I chose the Disney Princess themed photo pillow and was able to upload their photo and customize it with their names.

Then I added a garland to the headboard.  This was one we already had made, now that I know the girls like it, I plan to make one out of fabric to hang.

It truly is amazing how adding finishing touches can make a room feel like home.  They smile each time they walk into it now.  I can’t help but smile either.

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