Football Cake, Tailgating Anyone?

Super Bowl Football Cake

Last February I made this Football Cake and for some reason only posted a picture on the blog so I thought I would share it with you today.  It really is simple to make and is such a fun treat to add to your game day celebration.

Start by making two 8″-9″ round cakes.  I doubled my easy basic cake recipe but you can also use a boxed cake mix if you prefer.  Once your cakes are baked according to the directions and cooled, remove them from your pans.


Trim each side into a crescent shape.  Even if they are not perfect, as mine are far from perfect, it will turn out great!  Repeat this process with both cakes.

Place your bottom cake onto a platter and then add a layer of frosting to the top.  I love this homemade frosting made from chocolate chips.  Add your second cake on the top.  Carefully trim the edges as needed.  Remove any crumbs from your platter.  Finish frosting your cake so all the sides and top are covered with frosting.

Now create your football look with white chocolate covered candies or pipe on white frosting.

Who doesn’t love cake but one in the shape of a football is the perfect addition for any game day!

What food do you look forward to the most on game day?

7 thoughts on “Football Cake, Tailgating Anyone?”

  1. You can save yourself a headache by simply cutting a 1 inch (or perhaps a little bit more) strip out of the middle of a round cake and then pushing the two sides together. Presto! Perfect football!

  2. I’ve never made anything more than a basic cake before. This looks fun! I did try cake pops for the first time last night. This has to be easier!

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