Our Four Legged Family Member Sammie & the 28 Day Challenge

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I had always wanted to be a mom.  Growing up in a large family, I imagined myself as a mom of 4-5 children.  When Bryan and I married in 2003, I imagined what our family would look like a few years down the road.  Little did I know that the journey to having children would be so difficult.  I returned home from work on our fourth anniversary and a giddy husband.  ONE difference was that he was so excited to share my anniversary present.  I am not sure I had ever seen him this giddy over his gift.

While it wasn’t a baby, what could he give me in its place?  A beautiful six week old golden retriever.  He quickly became like our baby.  Oh, the laughs and tears (from things being chewed), the piles of puppy poop and the kisses, he filled a void that I was feeling at that time in my life.

sammie-onesmartdifference-memories-ad (1 of 1)When our first child came along, I was slightly concerned how Sammie would handle him.  He took it in strides and loved Austin.  They developed a great bond and if I couldn’t find Austin, I just had to find Sammie.  There Austin would be, sitting between Sammie’s legs.

Some of my favorite photos of the children when they were young were candid shots that Sammie created.

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With the birth of our third child, we decided it was time for Sammie to no longer be in our small house, but that doesn’t mean Bethany loves him any less.  She sits at the glass doors in the kitchen and calls for him.  When he does come inside, she is over joyed.

Now that I have children, Sammie is no longer the center of my focus as he was when he was a puppy, but he is still a very large part of the family.  As we talk about moving into a new home, Austin in a very matter of fact way stated, “I am not coming unless Sammie can come too!”  We don’t intend to leave any of our fur babies behind (our chickadee included).  Sammie and one of our chickens have a very special relationship and sleep in the dog house together!  Our UPS man frequently tells me his conversations with others about Sammie and our special chicken, they are both pretty special.

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Sammie is no longer a puppy in age, but he still manages to act like a 12 month old puppy.  He is so very full of energy.  We have been making him homemade food for quite some time, but when I was asked about participating in the 28 Day Challenge using Purina ONE Smartblend dog food, we decided we would give it a go.  There are two Smartblend varities available,  Vibrant Maturity 7+ Senior Formula and Chicken and Rice Formula.  We choose to try the Smartblend created for Senior dogs 7+.  With real poultry, meat, or fish as the #1 ingredient, Sammie seems to love the taste!  It contains Glucosamine to help support healthy joints, and I can’t wait to see if there is improvement!

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I love my Amazon Prime membership so I was able to place an order online, get free shipping and have it delivered to my door in two days!  Yep, I love Amazon.com!

What is the 28 Day Challenge?

Purina ONE,  believes in proof, not promises. They’re asking dog lovers all over the country to switch to Purina ONE dry dog food, and step up to the 28 Day Challenge.  They believe people will see:

  • Day 1+: Taste: When your dog loves the taste of his food, it can make all the difference
  • Day 7+: Energy: An optimal blend of ingredients provides the energy your dog needs
  • Day 14+: Digestibility: Highly digestible food helps more nutrients go to work inside your dog
  • Day 21+: Skin & Coat: Balanced nutrition supports a beautiful coat and healthy skin
  • Day 21+: Bright Eyes: Your dog’s eyes are a window to his health
  • Day 28+: Dental Healthy: Great nutrition and crunchy kibble support strong teeth and healthy gums

What difference would you most look forward to seeing in your dog?

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  1. What a great story- I am sure Sammie loves spending his time outdoors just as much as he did being an in house dog. It sounds like you really are trying to do the best for him as your family grows! #client

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