Free Printable Family Meal Planner

It does take a little time and planning to create a meal plan but it sure pays off!  Once you create a meal plan for a couple of months, you will find that you have your favorite go-to meals that are easy.  Some meals you may plan just because your family loves them, others you may find are created out of necessity because you lack the ingredients you need to finish something.

Creating a meal plan is a simple way to help ease the panic of the ” what are we having for dinner” moments.  You better believe I need all the help I can get!  So I vowed that in 2015 I would get back to meal planning.  Rather than post them weekly, I am going to post a monthly meal plan.  My goal is to shop less and be bettered prepared.  That is why I am excited to share with you a free printable family meal planner.

meal planning printable images

You can print off one, or all three pages to help create your own meal plan.  There is a weekly sheet as well as a monthly planner and then a sheet to plan your ingredients and shopping list.  I try to plan my meals based largely upon what I have in my pantry and then fill in the blanks.  By writing down what ingredients you have on hand and what items you still need to complete your meal, you are more likely to be prepared to have it all on hand when the time comes to create your edible masterpiece!

These are basic meal planning sheets, but they make it simple.  We like simple!

If you don’t currently create a meal plan, why not print them off and give it a try.  Here is a link to our February meal plan (breakfast and dinners) to get you started with ideas.  Brainstorm on what meals your enjoy, what meals fit your budget, what items are on sale this week…you get the picture.  If planning a whole month of meals is overwhelming, start small and try for one week.  I think you will find that it will make dinner time less stressful for Mom!


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