Fun Snacks? Try FROZEN Grape Poppers

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Back in May when we had the privilege to attend the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration, we had so many amazing opportunities. We were given the chance to have once in a lifetime opportunities with Disney, connect and learn as bloggers and also learn about so many things Disney is doing as a company. One thing I really enjoyed was that Disney is working as a company to help promote healthy living. Over breakfast one day we learned about Disney’s new healthy eating initiative and the Mickey Check program.

Marketing isn’t anything new. For many, many years, popular characters have been placed front and center to sell and promote products (many of which are not healthy for you)! Although when on vacation, many people feel it is there time to really indulge, it is also great that Disney is now offering many healthier options to choose from, especially geared towards children!

While we were on a mission at Walmart recently to get in and out, Addie spotted packages of FROZEN grapes. Not actual grapes that are frozen, but grapes with FROZEN themed packaging. Did it make her want grapes? You bet! I was excited to finally see some of the kids favorite characters on products that I would actually purchase for them!

DSMMC Elsa with kids
At DSMMC we were so fortunate to meet Ana and Elsa not just once, but twice! (We even got to meet Olaf!) Seriously, it was the highest on Addie’s to-do list and I was so happy that the amazing DSMMC team gave up the opportunity soon after arriving. All of my kids, including my soon to be two-year-old knows all the words to every single song on FROZEN.

FROZEN grapes display
The price of the grapes were pretty awesome, and although I don’t have issues getting my kids to eat grapes, they were really excited to see the packaging. All 2lbs of the USA grown grapes were gone within two days. Now that is success in my books!

We are always looking for fun snacks! To make a fun, out of the box treat with the grapes, I decided we would turn some of them into a sweet treat. We made caramel apple grapes & chocolate dipped grapes as a fun afternoon snack. If kids are going to eat something sweet, why not make it a healthier sweet treat.

These were so simple and only took a few minutes, literally. The cool thing, you can customize these to whatever occasion or whatever your tastes are. We used premade caramels, dairy free chocolate, chopped pecans and sugar.

First be sure to wash the grapes and make sure they are completely dry or the coating will not stick well. Then I prepped my coatings by chopping the nuts and placing the sugar in a small bowl.

I melted the caramels and chocolate one at a time slowly in a small glass bowl in a pan with about an inch of water over low heat (kinda like a double broiler). Only do this one at a time because you won’t be able to work with them both fast enough. Be sure to stir frequently to prevent burning. I worked in small batches so I didn’t waste.

frozen grapes 1
frozen grapes 2
frozen grapes 3
frozen grapes 4
frozen grapes 5
frozen grapes 6
Once the caramel or chocolate is fully melted, remove from heat and dip one grape in at a time, turning to coat the sides. I coated about half the grape but you could do more or less. I found this easier to do with my hands rather than on the toothpick as the toothpick became loose rather quickly.

Right away, dip into the final topping, mine were nuts and sugar. Be sure that all the sides and bottom are coated evenly. Place on a tray to cool.

I stored mine in the refrigerator overnight and the caramel did sink some but still tasted delicious. The chocolate dipped grape poppers looked perfect! And they tasted pretty awesome too!

To keep with the FROZEN grapes package theme, we made FROZEN toppers by punching out two circles with circle punches, one slightly larger than the other. Then we glued together and placed a FROZEN sticker on each. Finally we attached them to the toothpicks with hot glue.

These made for the perfect afternoon treat while the kids worked on some school work. We love grapes and are so excited about Disney putting some friendly faces in the produce aisle!

Which fruit or vegetable would you like to see Disney help market next?

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