10 Frugal Ways to Enjoy Summer with Your Kids

Although Gymboree provided me with a gift card to outfit my kids in their adorable clothing to share with you in this post, we have been long time Gymboree fans and as always, 100% of all opinions shared are my own.  Trust me, you will love Gymboree too if you check them out!

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We can officially say that summer is in full swing!  Many families are still planning last-minute summer vacations as well as many families enjoying staycations.  For my family, we trying to keep the kids busy and stay cool.  I love summer time but being in my third trimester, I am enjoying the air conditioning more than normal this year!

We have been spending time outdoors, but limiting it.  We started with a list of things we wanted to do before the end of summer and we have been able to check many things off our list!  If you are looking for fun summer activities, why not try out a few of these frugal fun ideas!

   Gymboree Summer Kids at Zoo

10 Frugal Ways to Enjoy Summer with Your Kids

1.  Have a “Movie Picnic”-While this wont be as grand as heading out to a drive-in or watching an outdoor movie at night (we loved to do this at Sundance in the summer!) it is a lot of fun.  Spread a blanket out on your living room floor and enjoy your dinner picnic style while enjoying a family movie night.  My kids love to be able to eat on the floor and it is a great way to spend time as a family.

Gymboree Summer LR Zoo Penguins

2.  Head to your local zoo to learn about the beautiful creations!  My kids always have their favorites, the penguins are always a huge hit!

LR zoo sibling love

The large cats are always on the list.  We enjoyed resting in a shady area while watching the lions enjoy their own shade!

3.  Create a sidewalk racetrack with chalk.  Let your little ones enjoy racing their cars complete with a winner’s circle.

4.  Build an indoor fort with blankets and chairs.  My kids love to pretend they are camping!

5.  Go fishing!  My kids love to be around the water, it is a great way to spend a lazy afternoon.

Gymboree Summer waterballoons1

6.  Plan a party with friends and family and let the kids simple enjoy playing in the water!

What child doesn’t love running in the sprinklers, especially a seal or playing with water balloons?  The basket was emptied much faster than it was filled.

Gymboree Summer Collage bubbles.race1

My kids love just spending an afternoon with their cousins racing outside and blowing bubbles.

7. Have an alphabet treasure hunt!  Find something that starts with each letter of the alphabet.  Or mix it up and have a rainbow treasure hunt and find something that is each color of the rainbow.

8.  Make a dirt city.  Who would have thought that playing in the dirt would be so much fun!  My kids love to take sticks, shovels, buckets and their trucks to work on building roads and houses.  They can play for hours in the dirt!

Watercolor cards finished

9.  Make watercolor cards and then write to out-of-state family and friends about the summer.  Who doesn’t love receiving a handmade card from their loved ones.

10.  Go swimming!  We get together for a couple of hours and the kids have a blast splashing around in the water.

Gymboree Summer Austin Seal1

It doesn’t take a lot of money to come up with fun activities to spend time together and enjoy the hot days of summer!  No matter what we are doing this summer, my kids looked so adorable thanks to Gymboree!

Gymboree Grow With Me

Being a Gymboree Grow With Me Blogger, I was able to outfit my children this summer in so many adorable outfits!  I love that so many pieces they offer are 100% cotton, making them so comfortable!  With lines ranging from preemie to size 12, your child can truly be outfitted in style no matter what size they are.  It is hard to believe that my five-year grows so quickly!  He has grown almost 3/4 of an inch since our first Grow With Me post back in April.

I love that they offer so many mix and match styles so you can buy multiple pieces that allow you to create multiple outfits.  Addie is a hard one to take shopping because she is really loving picking out her clothes!  It isn’t because she is too picky but rather because she wants one of almost everything.  Most of the girl’s outfits have all kinds of matching accessories, so your little one can be outfitted from head to toe in cuteness!  Hair accessories are one of her new favorites and they always have the most adorable pieces to match.

If you haven’t already been drawn into Gymboree by their beautiful clothing I would highly encourage you to check them out at Gymboree.com and connect with Gymboree on Facebook and Twitter so you can be the first to find out about new sales!  Think that Gymboree is out of your price range?  Think again, be sure to read the post I shared about Seven Ways to Save at Gymboree to see how you can still outfit your children in Gymboree’s adorable clothing.

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  1. Your kids are adorable! I needed some fresh ideas like these to liven up summer without spending a ton of money. I was just thinking that it is only mid-July and I needed more ideas.

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