Create Gardener’s Gold with a Lifetime Tumbling Composter #NGfamily

If you have been around my blog for a little while, you know I am all about trying to compost! Organic compost can do wonders for your garden and eliminate the need for fertilizers naturally.  Growing up we always had a compost pile.  We saved our vegetable scraps and carried them over to it almost daily.  The reality it, for anyone that wants to garden, composting really should be a no-brainer.

Composting is simply the breakdown of decomposed organic material.  This cycle occurs naturally in nature.  When you produce organic waste through kitchen scraps, you can not stop the process of decomposing.  Composting at home is basically the same process that occurs in nature but is intentional and managed.  I have previously discussed ways to compost in my Composting 101 Series but today I get to share with you a new way that I am just trying-using a tumbling composter!

Compost Tumbler (50 gallon)

When I was contacted about the opportunity to review a Lifetime 50-Gallon Composter, I was beside myself.  Other 30-year-old Mama’s may want jewelry or a new car but I am the practical one.  I want things that can give my everyday life quality and make life easier.  The truth is, I was so excited!  I quickly had to call my husband to let him know.  We made arrangements to have it delivered to an alternate location (a semi can not fit in my country circle drive).  The day the box arrived at my door I the kids were just as excited as I was.  They couldn’t wait to open the box and start building.  Actually the both insisted that they could build it with the directions.  I so wish I had gotten a photo of Austin studying the directions to put our Lifetime Composter together.

Once hubby had it all together, I gave it a quick spin and could quickly see just how easy this was going to be!  Truly composting is such a win, win.  It is the responsible thing to do for the environment but also will yield such a rich return in your garden.  Using compost improves soil structure and aeration.  The organic matter that compost gives provides food for the microorganisms in the soil, which in turn keeps the soil in a healthy, balanced condition.

Composting use to require either large bins in your backyard or simple a large heap gathered together.  There is nothing wrong with using a composting bin, it just isn’t feasible for everyone.  That is where Lifetime Products come in to play!  What if you live in the city or have a relatively small space to compost?  Why not try out Lifetime’s newest member of the family, a 50-gallon tumbling composter!  It is all enclosed and requires no aerating, just simply turn the drum and it is designed to do the rest.

Compost Tumbler (50 gallon)

Lifetime’s 50-Gallon Composter Features

  • Black Double-Wall Panels Absorb and Retain Heat
  • Extra Large Removable Lid
  • Ingenious Tumbler Design – Turns on Axis for Easy and Balanced Rotation
  • Spring-Loaded Pin to Lock Rotation During Filling
  • Internal Aeration Bar Mixes Compost and Allows Air Flow
  • Aesthetically Pleasing Appearance – No More Messy Compost Heaps
  • Compost Material is Enclosed – Helps Keep Pests Out
  • Convenient Loading Height
  • Sturdy Powder-Coated Steel Frame
  • How to Compost Guide Included
  • All Hardware Included
  • 5-Year Limited Warranty

I can truly say, the Lifetime 50-gallon composter would make a great addition to any home!  There is little effort required to make your compost and yet you can still reap rich rewards as if you had been adding to a compost heap for months!  Although I have only used the Lifetime 50-gallon composter for a few weeks, I can tell that I will love it!  I can add my organic matter, latch it closed and let the kids start turning!  They think it is a load of fun and do not realize they are helping me in return.

Composting in the past may have just been for avid gardeners or farmers.  Now with the assistance of a Lifetime Tumbling Composter even a beginning gardener can reap the rewards organic compost can give.

Purchase a Lifetime Composter

If you are interested in trying to give your garden what it needs to really blossom and grow without the need of chemicals, composting is the solution!  You can purchase a 50-Lifetime Composting Tumbler for only $149.99 online.

Win a 50-Lifetime Composter

I am beyond excited to tell you that Lifetime Products will be a sponsor in the upcoming Noise Girls “For the Family” event!  You won’t want to miss all the amazing items that will be offered as Lifetime Products will be giving away a 50-gallon tumbling composter!  Make sure you come back at 9:00 CST on September 1st to enter for your chance to win some fabulous prizes!  Be sure to follow Lifetime Products on Facebook and Twitter to get a head start on the giveaway entries.

I received this amazing product to review.  No other compensation was received.  All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

38 thoughts on “Create Gardener’s Gold with a Lifetime Tumbling Composter #NGfamily”

  1. I have always wanted one if these, I compost, but I want an actual composter, not just a box. I love that this one is only $150, alot cheaper than most on the market today.

  2. we actually compost some household waste already, and my daughter is so wanting to get red wiggler worms and add to the pile so that we will have some very fertilized compost for next years garden!

  3. I want this soooooo badly!!!!!!! My husband and I have been wanting to compost for years now and haven’t done it yet!

  4. What a good looking composter! Some of the ones I’ve looked at are quite an eye sore. I’m practical, like you. A composter has been on my wish list for quite some time now!

  5. This composter looks MUCH easier to use than the one I currently have! And I LOVE Lifetime Products!! We have their amazing Deluxe Playset & Helicopter Teeter-Totter and my kids could not be happier!!!

  6. This seems like it would make composting so much easier and cleaner; wouldn’t want my little boy getting into it. We are all about gardening, so practical and cost effective!

  7. I have to say, I’ve never even attempted to compost because I didn’t understand really what to do and it seemed like a pain. Something like this seems like a pretty easy and simple concept, I wouldn’t mind giving it a shot!

  8. I want one of these so badly! I tried vermicomposting and failed miserably, but I really want to be able to compost. These fancy systems that don’t require aeration look amazing!

  9. Jennifer Mae Hiles

    I’ve seen these online and really want one! We did not compost before because of our dog but I would really like to start. Did it my whole life growing up at home but they sure didn’t have these awesome things then!

  10. I have always wanted to compost, especially because of my vegetable garden! I always go get the compost from my friend who has a farm. This is such a great way to recycle and cut back on waste!

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