Gardening Update: Potatoes & Rabbits

What in the world do rabbits have to do with gardens?  Well I posted too many pictures with my weekly update and wasn’t able to tell you how well our rabbits are doing!  Plus rabbits supply some pretty awesome manure too.

I am so happy that the rabbits have really warmed up to the kids.  They perk up as soon we head outside.  They are quickly up on their hind legs waiting to be fed. Snowball and Chocolatte eat right from the kids hands and they love it!

So we planted potatoes in our garbage cans and in one of the raised beds hubby built with reclaimed wood and even free screws that came out of a deck he took apart!   They may only last for a couple of years, but free is free and we plan on using rock around them eventually anyway, in which we will just let the wood decay.  So here are some of the potatoes we are planting.  All with pretty nice “eyes”.

The kids had a great time helping me plant and then watering as they always do!

The beauties are already making their way up!  I am surprised at how fast they seem to be growing, but the time is just flying by.  Today they seem to be almost two inches taller than these pictures.  Pretty soon they will be ready for straw.

We have a few snap peas already!  It is very exciting since we had some really warm weather for this time of year and I wasn’t sure how some of the plants would fair.

We used some of our garden soil from a bed we were moving for the new raised beds Bryan built.  Here is a picture of a cucumber that came up on it’s own right next to one of our tomato plants.

How is your garden coming?  Were you brave enough to try out planting potatoes in garbage cans?  I will post pics of those next Friday, so make sure you come back for an update!

I would love for you to share what you have or will be planting this year!


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