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As part of my partnership with GE, I received coupons for some of my GE light bulbs.  All opinions posted about my GE Lighting experience are my own.

Champions for KidsAs you know I am all about less consumption and reducing waste.  Anything that is better for the environment AND can save me money I am all for it!  Who says you can’t have both?  So when I was introduced to the Champions for Kids SIMPLE Service Project for November I knew I wanted to be involved.

I had only briefly heard about the SIMPLE Service Projects before so I was intrigued to find out what exactly was involved in Champions for Kids.  They are an organization that believes that through training and giving, everyday people, like you and I can make small changes to improve the lives of children all across America.  There is goal is to get 20 Million people involved by 2020.

This month the goal is to not only make a small change yourself but also to get your friends, family and co-workers involved to make the simple change of switching out home lighting to more energy-efficient light bulbs.  You may ask, what would that help?

GE Energy Smart™ bulbs use 70 –75% less energy than incandescent light bulbs. Saving energy is better for the environment as less energy used in the home means less air pollution from power generation.

Since GE Energy Smart™ bulbs are rated to last up to 15,000 hours you are also cutting down on the amount of waste that is going into the ever-growing sea of landfills.  An average GE Energy Smart™ bulb can last up to ten times longer than its counterpart incandescent light bulb.  So think about it this way, I can purchase 26 bulbs for my house or I can purchase the initial 26 and then 234 more replacement bulbs to last the same amount of time, you get the picture!

Using less energy also equates to saving money.  Although the initial purchase price of GE Energy Smart™ bulbs may be a little more upfront, you are saving up to 9 light bulbs in the future!   They cost less than one-third as much to operate annually as traditional incandescent bulbs while providing amazing light.

I am proud to say that all but two of the light bulbs in my home are powered by GE Lighting, either led light bulbs or cfl light bulbs!  The two others we have are actually large fluorescent bulbs but are also GE.  They offer this really cool tool to see how much you can save in money and your CO2 footprint by changing your home lighting to more energy-efficient light bulbs with the GE Energy Savings Calculator.

If I hadn’t already, by changing the light bulbs over in my house, I could save over $106 annually! I love that by one simple change, I am making a difference for the future!

This month I will be donating GE Energy Smart™ light bulbs to a local organization, UAMS Kids First that specializes in assisting children with special needs.  Be sure to check back later next week when I share about my donation. You can see my entire shopping experience in my #GElightingcfk Google+ Album.

I am excited to say I will be adding my number to be one of the 20 million mobilized for Champions for Kids!  Why not get involved yourself? 

It is a very simple change to make!  While you are picking up your new GE Energy Smart™ light bulbs, why not pick up an extra pack to donate to a local organization that assists our children?  Challenge others to get involved to make a difference. 

I would love for you to share what you, your friends and neighbors are doing if you decide to participate!


If you do accept the GE SIMPLE Service Project, be sure to enter to win $100 Walmart Giftcard for the classroom or charity of your choice.  There will be 30 winners, one each day in November!

To get you started on your GE Energy Smart Challenge, right now you can also get an online printable GE Lighting coupon.

Do you need a little more motivation? Learn more in this YouTube video.

To connect with the Champions for Kids to find out about the various challenges they are participating in, be sure to follow them on Twitter and Facebook.  I would highly recommend following this month’s sponsor GELighting on Twitter and Facebook for great energy-saving tips and coupons!

I am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective BiasChampions for Kids and GE Lighting #CBias #SocialFabric.  As always, all opinions shared are 100% my own.

10 thoughts on “Make Simple Changes with GE Champions For Kids”

  1. This is great! I am using CFLs at home in all my lighting. It took a bit to get used to but now I don’t mind it one bit. Thanks for sharing about this. GE is awesome for helping children in need!

  2. How awesome that you already had most of your bulbs switched over! I’m about halfway there. I need to make the investment for the bulbs I have on dimmers since those require different types.
    Love the inspiration of saving money and helping kids!

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