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Most families think of simple giving to others during specific times of the year.  The reality is though, there are great needs all during the year.  With so many children heading back to school, there are great opportunities to get involved in trying to help out those in our communities that are in need.

With my oldest son starting kindergarten this year, we picked up our fair share of school supplies.  When we noticed donation bins, I took that opportunity to explain to the children about opportunities we have to help other children in need.  I really want my children to understand that you do not have to have an abundance to help others.

Champions for Kids Pallet #shop

I  have had the privilege to work with an awesome company a few times in the past, Champions for Kids that does just that!  Their focus is to get communities involved in giving to those in need, mobilizing millions is how they refer to it.  The reality is, it doesn’t take deep pockets to be able to help others.  The Bible verse, “there is more happiness in giving than there is in receiving” proves so true.

Champions for Kids just launched a new #SIMPLEgiving campaign right here in Arkansas and Missouri.  Select Walmart stores are hosting special Champions for Kids pallets that are packed with fun and nutritious snacks that will be donated to the local school districts to benefit the children in the surrounding communities.

With just giving birth to our third child Bethany, I hadn’t been into our local Walmart in a few weeks.  After a doctor’s appointment, Bryan stayed in the van with the baby and the kids and I quickly ran into the store.  I was very excited to see the Store and Co-Manager standing next to the Champions for Kids pallet that had just been set-up in the front of the store.

Champions for Kids Dole #shop

Austin is loving pineapple right now so he was quick to grab several packages of the Dole 100% fruit cups, a couple to donate and a couple to bring home.  We also grabbed a few of each of the other products off the pallet to donate as well.

CFK Pallet #shop

Our Champions For Kids pallet offered the following products:

  • 100 Calorie packs of Emerald Nuts:  These are great for on the go snacking, an excellent way to stay fueled between meals, come in portion controlled pouches, are available in delicious flavors and thanks to their unique roasting process bakes in the flavor to leave hands mess-free!
  • Dole Fruit Bowls:  Fruit Snacks for on the go, make great kids snacks as they are perfect for any outing or school lunch, are healthy and nutritious snacks for kids and have 100% fruit nutrition packed into every bite.
  • POWERADE ZERO™:  Allow you to turn water into a zero calorie sports drink, are a great value – each 3oz bottle makes 24 servings, are perfect for the on-the-go athlete and they help to replenish four key electrolytes lost in sweat:  sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium.
  • DASANI Drops:  Add delicious flavor and sweetness to your water or any beverage, you are able to tailor them to suit your personal taste with a strong or light flavor,  they are available in six flavors that all naturally flavored and contain zero calories per serving and are a great value with each bottle makes 32 8oz servings.

As we checked out the cashier asked if we were making a donation!  I love it when the cashiers know about drives that are taking place in the store.  He kindly offered to walk it over for us but Austin quickly told him he wanted to put them into the bin himself, actually both the children did!

Champions for Kids Donations 2 #shop

Even though they had just set up the pallet, there were already a few items in it.  The kids wanted to put each item in, one by one.  It made them both so happy to know that we were giving the products to other kids that really needed them.  All kinds of questions followed all evening about helping others.  I love that children have such big hearts and when cultivated want to really give from their hearts.

Champions for Kids Donations #shop

The Simple Giving projects that are launched by Champions for Kids are aimed at getting those in the communities involved in small ways to make a large impact.  Why not make it a goal the next time you are shopping to pick up just one or two extra products to donate!  If you do not live in an area of Arkansas or Missouri that are hosting the donation bins, why not try to find another way to make a donation?

How can you get involved in SIMPLE GIVING?

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    1. Thank-you for visiting Elizabeth and for the opportunity to raise awareness for CFK! I love the program and love to get my children involved any time I can! Our baby is three weeks old now and doing great.

  1. The nuts are appealing to me. I like the program and dole is fabulous also. I am always interested when companies give back to community. That’s a great initiative to support as a family. Also congratulations on the baby.

  2. What a great program! I live in Florida, so I haven’t seen this, but we have lots of similar types of drives that we try to donate to throughout the year, with the most recent one being focused on school supplies and the items kids need to get ready for school. I want my kids to know how lucky they are and be excited about helping others!

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