Getting a Head Start on Bethany’s Wardrobe with Gymboree


It is no secret that we are big Gymboree fans.  From the moment I was pulled into a Gymboree store when I was pregnant with my first son Austin I loved their clothing.  When I had a chance to partner with Gymboree to select a few outfits for our newest addition to review, I was beyond ecstatic!

  • Cute Check
  • Soft Check
  • Adorable Check

Did I say “Cute”?

Gymboree Store01

Ok, so you get the picture!  The problem is always trying to decide what pieces from their lines we are going to choose.  Not only do they make the most adorable clothing, they also make all the matching accessories to go with them!  Now that Addie loves to dress-up and loves hair bows and jewelry, that can be quite dangerous.  She walks through the store, is this my size?  This is so cute.  Mama, can I get this and this and this?   It really is quite cute but also dangerous.

Gymboree baby collage

Gymboree updates with a new line it seems like almost every month.  Not only do they offer a newborn line that goes up to 24 months but then they have a baby girl or baby boy line that ranges from 3-6 months to 5T and then a big girl and big boy line that ranges from size 3-12.  The lines usually coordinate, so if you have a child that wears between a size 3-5, you can select from both lines.

We love that they make so many mix and match lines!  You can purchase 2-3 tops and 2 different bottoms and have five different outfits that coordinate.

With this pregnancy, we thought we were having a little man.  We named him Caleb and started purchasing little boy pieces.  So when I found out we were being blessed with a little girl, I was totally taken back.  In reality, I just wanted the baby to be healthy but I had not one girlie piece of clothing.  I wasn’t convinced that I need to go out and replace all my boy items just yet so I waited until we had a second confirmation that we were indeed having a little girl.


Where did I turn to pick out her first outfit to bring her home in?

Why Gymboree of course!

GYmboree hospital bag

They offer a preemie line that goes up to 9lbs that I had the cutest little lamb outfit Addie came home in so I knew I could find something not only cute but also totally fitting for our new little one.  With big sister’s help we selected a one piece strawberry outfit from the Brand New Baby line.  The outfit is not only adorable but we also picked up a matching blanket, socks and strawberry toy.  She will be our adorable little berry!

bethany 2

Then we had fun selecting other pieces for our new little lady’s wardrobe.  Both Addie and I loved the Petite Bunny line.  I love the warm coral and aqua colors and they are so adorable, how can you go wrong?  We both picked pieces we loved and ended up with two outfits for Baby Bethany that can be mixed and matched.  Then we went to another store to find the matching jumper!  These are some the pieces we choose.

Gymboree Bunny Collage

Then we continued to find other pieces we wanted to add to her wardrobe.  Seriously, my problem isn’t ever finding something to buy but rather deciding on what pieces to settle on.  Most of their clothing is not only adorable but also made with 100% cotton so it is so soft.  I am all about comfort and if there is something I wouldn’t feel comfortable to wear myself, I wont put it on my children.

There are so many ways to save at Gymboree.  Right now they are in a Gymbucks earning period.  Gymbucks are great because for every $50 you spend, you are given a $25 off $50 Gymbucks rewards to be used during an upcoming redemption period.  Of course I love to shop sales so I can get the most bang for my buck so I signed up for their rewards program so I get coupons emailed and sent via the mail as well!  You can check out my post about 7 ways to Save at Gymboree to read more about how I afford to shop at Gymboree.

Here is Bethany wearing the newest line, Squirrel Cutie at one week old.

bethany 1

Seriously though, if you haven’t checked out the adorable clothing Gymboree offers, be sure to visit them online and see exactly why I love them!

Gymboree is one of our sponsors for our Bringing Home Baby event, so one Frugal Greenish Mama reader will have a chance to win a Gymboree gift card of their own to buy some adorable clothing for their little one.  Be sure to come back to enter to win on September 13th!

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