Getting Great Deals on Used Clothing & Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

I was given a credit to be used on Thred-Up in exchange for my honest opinions.  As always, all opinions shared are 100% my own. 

When you put on a piece of clothing have you ever thought about the process it actually goes through from start to finish to not only be manufactured but also then to reach the store that you select if from and then on to your home?

For so many reasons, I love to buy second hand items.  Not only does it save a large amount of money but you are also reducing your carbon footprint at the same time.  Yes, there are things that I will not purchase second hand, but most clothing items, unless it is a personal item, I am all about reusing.  So many times you can find like new items for a fraction of the cost and the process of making another new garment has been avoided!

sibling love

With children, it is hard for myself to justify spending large sums of money on something that will be worn for a mere matter of months.  Do your kids go through clothing like mine do?  Each season we need an entirely new wardrobe, for my son at least.


While I frequently shop at several local consignment shops and thrift stores, when I was introduced to Thred-Up an online consignment store I was intrigued!  The prices at first glance seemed slightly higher than what I am use to paying locally but then again the time involved to inventory and photo graphed every piece would be a huge undertaking.

The more I looked around, the more I could see that just like locally if you are willing to invest the time into looking, you can snag some really great deals!  They often run specials and have had deep discounts.  With prices starting at $3.99 (and some of those are two piece outfits) I quickly was able to find many pieces I would like for my children.


So I decided to challenge myself to see what I could get for $25, that were name brands!  That is not a ton of money but if I walked into my a store, what would $25 buy me?  Not a whole lot.

What $25 on Thred-Up Can Purchase

threadup 6

For Austin I selected a Gymboree size 6 long sleeve button down dress shirt and matching sweater vest.  Both are in amazing condition with no wash wear, look brand new.

threadup 4t

For Addie I selected a Gymboree size 4 adorable poka-dot set!  It has a denim skirt with built-in shorts underneath and a cute poka-dot blouse.

Threadup 4t 2

I also was able to purchase a Gymboree size 4 green striped sweater that was new with the tags on it!

Threadup bb

The sizes start at 12 months so I picked out a dress for Bethany that is much larger, but so cute!  Again, this dress was new with the tags on it, Gymboree soft velor with a matching diaper cover.

So for $25 I was able to purchase 6 pieces of Gymboree clothing, two still being new with the tags!  I think I did pretty good!

Details About Thred-Up

So here are all the details, Thred-Up offers free shipping on orders over $50, otherwise it starts at just $2.99.  There is a 30-day return policy so you are not stuck if you are not happy with your purchase.  In addition to children’s clothing they also just launched their women’s online consignment!


One thing that I have yet to try myself is their clean out bag!  You can actually send in your or your children’s unwanted clothing that is in good condition and receive cash for it!  I have my bag beside my sofa now and will be sending it in this week so I will keep you posted how that goes later.

Have you given any thought to shopping at Thred-Up?  Why not head over to have a look and get yourself a $10 new member credit by signing up with my referral link!

8 thoughts on “Getting Great Deals on Used Clothing & Reducing Your Carbon Footprint”

  1. I learn so many new things from your Blog, Thanks! Especially now that I have thrift store fever 😉
    The outfits you picked out are great~~~~~~

  2. So has this program changed since it’s inception? Because I thought you had to buy a box of clothes and you didn’t necessarily get to see what you were buying but more relied on descriptions and user ratings? I love the concept of an online consignment store and picking out the specific pieces you want and yes, I’m off to check it out now!

    1. Yes! You totally get to choose each piece and they have tons! I sorted by size and brand to make it easier to go through.

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