Getting Pregnancy Pain Relief Thanks to Answers at Walgreens

As part of a sponsored post from Collective Bias, let me share with you about my story as to why I was able to get some pain relief thanks to the new Answers at Walgreens program. 

Crazy to think that back on January 2nd of this year my life was headed down a certain road and then when I saw those two pink lines life changed!  To say that my pregnancy has been a bit bumpy would be a bit of an understatement but here we are, late in my third trimester and still going strong!  While my doctor was very concerned that I would deliver very early, she has really been a trooper and now that we are in our 36th week he is willing to let her arrive any time now.

Why I Need Pain Relief

Truthfully, all Mamas want what is best for their growing little ones.  Since my babies have difficulty developing and need lots of assistance through various hormones and steroids I have gained the weight!  Quite a bit of weight, 28 pounds in fact!  Add that to the fact I carry extremely low and have degenerative disks in my lower back and it is safe to say no matter what I have tried I am in pain.

At this stage my poor little feet look like rectangles, and my ankles?  Who said I have any ankles?  Mine disappeared a long time ago into my swollen mess.  They are not pretty!

Swollen Feet

I don’t know any Mama that has made it through a pregnancy without back aches and pains but truthfully, between my lower back and hip pain, just getting up and down out of a chair or into bed is a challenge anymore.  To say I am ready for some relief would be a total understatement!  While I must patiently, or not so patiently wait on my little one to arrive, I am in need of some pain relief now.

Get Answers from Answers at Walgreens!

One evening while I was laying in bed unable to feel my three little toes due to swelling and not able to think because of my hip pain, I decided I would reach out to a Walgreens pharmacist to ask if there was anything over the counter I could do to try to help.  It was about 11pm when I logged onto my computer and while I wasn’t sure if they were available 24-hours or not, I was going to find out!

I was very delighted to find out that I could chat, 24-hours a day, 7-days a week with a pharmacy professional.  It really was so simple to log into.  Once I was on the Walgreens homepage I simply clicked onto Pharmacy & Health tab.

Walgreens ask an expert page1

From there under the Pharmacy Services I clicked on Pharmacy Chat.  Here you are prompted to log-in.  This is a free service for all Walgreens Balance Reward Members, which is a totally free program!  Don’t worry, if you are not an Answers Balance Reward Member you can sign-up for free.

Walgreens chat questions #WalgreensAnswers #shop

Once logged in I had a Pharmacy Professional available within 4-5 seconds.  Then I was able to explain my situation.  Since I was pregnant, I was told right away that I should ask my doctor for medical advice, since my Pharmacist was not a doctor.  I was impressed that this was something she stated upfront.  I proceeded to explain that my doctor had checked me that week and the pain and swelling were not abnormal with the medications I had been on so I asked if there was anything over-the-counter I could try for the swelling in my feet?  Two different things were suggested aside from propping them up, which I am trying to do.

Walgreens pharmacy chat #WalgreensAnswers #shop

Then the pharmacist touched on the pain in my lower back and hips and I was told that an over the counter medication, even the nighttime relief was safe to take during pregnancy.  I need help with getting as much sleep as I can at this point since in a very short amount of time I will have a newborn and be up all the time.  Maybe the suggestion that I was most excited about was the temporary heating pads!  I have used them in the past when I was not pregnant and it is amazing just how much relief I was able to get from them.

Walgreens Back Pain Sign #walgreensAnswers #shop

The next day we headed to Walgreens to pick up the suggested products, along with a few other items.  We stopped by the Pharmacy for one last question about a new antibiotic I am taking and then headed out the door.  Since we were headed out to a movie I was more than happy to use one of the temporary heating pads right away.  I was excited to see all the signage throughout the pharmacy area that advertised the new Walgreens Answers program.  You can see all about my shopping trip in my #WalgreensAnswers G+ album.

Have Questions – Walgreens Answers

Although this was not my first time turning to a Walgreens Pharmacist for help about medication or over the counter products, it was my first time turning to a pharmacist online and the new Answers at Walgreens program.

They can answer questions about:

  • All Walgreens store, pharmacy and health services
  • Non-emergency, medication-related topics
  • Potential allergic reactions
  • Prescription medication side effects
  • Which over-the-counter option is best for your symptoms

The online chat is totally confidential, just as it is in store.  Do you want to know my favorite feature?  The online Pharmacy Chat that is available through the Answers at Walgreens program is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!  We do most of the odd things with children seem to happen after business hours?  Being a Mama of two young children and having a newborn makes me appreciate the fact I can reach out to a trained professional when I need one, day or night!

Walgreens supplies

Are you looking for Pain Relief?  Why not try the new Answers at Walgreens program to see if you can find your relief?

19 thoughts on “Getting Pregnancy Pain Relief Thanks to Answers at Walgreens”

  1. I’m glad you mentioned this service. I had no idea this service was available and I know I’ll use it!

    PS. Is 28 pounds considered a lot of weight to gain in a pregnancy these days? That was right in the normal range when I had kids!

  2. Oh my, you poor thing. My feet got swollen during pregnancy with the boys but never as bad as yours. I remember it being uncomfortable but yours look down right painful. What a wonderful self sacrificing mommy you are. Hang in there sweetie hopefully before long you will be holding your beautiful little baby Bethany and your feet and ankles will go back to normal. Much love to you and your family.

    1. I didn’t swell like this with either of my first two, they both were normal swelling. This time it is very painful to walk at this point but it shouldn’t be too much longer! Love you too!

  3. Oh gosh, I remember that feeling!!! I know my pharm is great about questions in person, but I had no idea I could ask questions 24-7. That’s really helpful b/c you know pain nearly always starts when a doc isn’t available!

    1. I didn’t ever swell like this with my first two, even my second that was due in August as well but this month has been rather difficult.

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