Getting Ready for Fall

I so look forward to season changes. During winter we can’t wait for the warmth the sun brings in spring and summer. Towards the end of the summer we are so excited for the thought of deep colors and the cool crisp air of fall and then winter.

burts bees baby romper
With each season change and children that are growing like weeds, we need new wardrobes. For four children, that is a lot of clothes! Being a mom of four on a budget, I tend to think ahead with clothing. It requires planning so that I can afford to have my children dressed all comfy and cozy in the best children’s clothes.

It is no secret that I am a fan of second hand shopping. I love knowing that by purchasing gently loved clothing I am helping the earth by using something already made with lots of life left. Upcycling is another way I love to get creative to repurpose clothing pieces to extend their life or turn them into something new altogether.

burts bees baby clothing line caleb

When I purchase new, I love hunting for great deals and have a few favorite brands I love to purchase. For the babies and little ones, I absolutely adore Burt’s Bees Baby clothing line. You might wonder why? First off, they are actually affordable! You don’t usually hear the words affordable with 100% organic cotton clothing, but they are! Their prices are actually comparable with regular clothing brands.

I have purchased and owned many adorable and cozy closet staples for infants from Burt’s Bees Baby in the past. They are super soft and perfect for sensitive skin.

Burts Bees Baby Miss B

Now they have expanded to sell not only baby, but adorable toddlers and beautiful young children’s clothing.

burts bees baby sweat suit
Not only is the line adorable and soft enough for baby’s skin, but it’s affordable and holds up wash after wash! We help you to nurture your children, naturally with 100% organic cotton. You can shop for Burt’s Bees Baby’s fall collection online and be sure to sign-up online for newsletter and receive 10% off your first purchase.

burts bees baby miss b back

What are ways you prepare to outfit your children in fall?

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