Gift Cards Are the Perfect Solution, In More Than One Way

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What is your go-to practical gift that you fall back on when looking for someone you love?  I am all about practical gifts and sometimes, well you just don’t know of something they really want or need.

One thing most of us enjoy receiving is gift cards.  They are practical in a sense that you know they won’t be returning your gift due to it being unwanted or something they already have.  With a gift card, we can choose something we really want or need.  There is something great about being able to shop without forking over your own cash.  My children even find the thrill of shopping with gift cards.


As much as we love to shop sometimes we do have occasions when we accumulate gift cards to store we just may not be in love with or have odd amounts we have not used.  That is where Gift Card Rescue comes to the rescue.  If you have unwanted gift cards laying around, you can turn them into cash from

You can earn up to 90% cash back for your unwanted gift cards!  Cha-ching!  It is really a simple process.  Get your cards to receive a quote, send in your gift card and then within a few days receive a check.


What if you are hunting for a deal?  You can buy gift cards and save from 4% up to 35% on discounted gift cards to over 350 national merchants. was founded in 2008 with no outside capital and is now the fastest growing gift card exchange site. guarantees all transactions and is backed by an amazing customer support team.

You can connect with on Facebook and on Twitter @GiftCardRescue. wants to help you save money.  You can also check out their blog as a great resource to save money, frugal living advice and general financial news.  You can even chime in with your own frugal and money-saving tips.

Do you have any unwanted gift cards you can turn into cash?

23 thoughts on “Gift Cards Are the Perfect Solution, In More Than One Way”

  1. Wow! What an awesome idea. Like a dummy, I was using gift cards just to use them… I would have much preferred to turn into more-needed cash. Thanks so much for sharing this, I’ll be using it for sure in the future!

  2. This is so cool! I have never heard of it before but there are some people that I never know what to get for presents and such so this would be great for them. Thanks for the info!

  3. I think gift cards are awesome ways to give a gift to someone you just don’t know quite well enough to pick out the perfect present. This way they can get exactly what they want, and you don’t have to worry about getting them something they won’t like.

  4. When I am in doubt about what to get someone as a gift, I always give them a gift card. I need to check out GiftCardRescue and see more about what they are all about.

  5. Gift Card Rescue is awesome. I checked them out for a review and I love how they screen all the cards before offering them on the site. It’s such a secure way to buy gift cards at a great price!

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