How to Make Gingerbread Men Snack Bags

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Recently in school we read the story about the Gingerbread Man.  It was my children’s first time to hear it and they sat on the edge of their seat wondering what was going to happen.  They were actually sad that in the end, the Gingerbread Man didn’t get away but was eaten instead.  I quickly reminded them that it was in fact, just a cookie and was baked to be eaten.  Then I offered for us to make some later in the week, with one condition, they would eat them!  Of course they had no complaints when it would come to eating their own Gingerbread Men.

While we were grabbing a few things from Walmart last week we noticed the Gingerbread houses and that they now have Gingerbread M&Ms.  I had never seen them before and found out they were a new flavor that was exclusive to Walmart.  I quickly had an idea of a fun craft to do with the kids that we could use the Gingerbread flavored M&Ms for!   The kids love to create so this was a perfect way to spend a rainy day, making Gingerbread Men crafts, particularly snack bags!

gingerbread men #shop

They were actually really simple.  We used brown paper lunch bags for the bodies, sewed the bodies, filled them with M&Ms and then sewed the heads closed.  Ok, so there were a few more steps but it was really easy!

To start, I cut an outline of a Gingerbread Man in white paper.

Gingerbread men2 #shop

Then I cut the bottom from my brown paper bags at the crease.

gingerbread men 3 #shop

I laid the cut out of the Gingerbread Man on the bag and carefully cut around the edges.  You could also trace it on and then cut it out.  You will have two pieces per bag.

gingerbread men 4 #shop

Next, sew the edges of the outline, starting at the shoulder and ending at the shoulder on the other side.  (You will add the M&Ms to the opening at the head.)

gingerbread men 5 #shop

On the backside of the Gingerbread Man, gently pull the loose string and it will create a loop.  Pull the looped thread out and tie both strings together and clip strings.

Gingerbread Men #shop (2)

Gingerbread Man #shop 6

Now you can decorate your Gingerbread Man!  We used glue and simple glitter but you can use ribbon, buttons, candy or whatever else you would like.

Gingerbread Man #shop 7

Once your decorations are completely dry, gently fill each pouch with your candies.  Be careful not to overfill as it will be hard to sew.  Leave a slight gap between the stitching as it will make it easier to tear open later.

Gingerbread Man #shop 9

Now add your button (we used M&Ms) with a dab of hot glue and any other embellishments you wish to add.

Now you have fun crafts that you put your personal touch on to share!

Gingerbread Man #shop 12

Austin said they all couldn’t be happy because one had to know that he was going to be eaten!

Join the Fun with Instagram and  M&Ms

If you need some festive decorating ideas or just some fun crafts be sure to check out these fun Gingerbread M&M’s crafts.  If you have some creative ideas of your own, participate in the Gingerbread M&M Instagram contest to win a great prize!

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Be sure to print out a coupon for M&Ms before you head out to start your own Gingerbread journey!

Gingerbread Man finished #shop

What are your favorite Gingerbread Men memories?

38 thoughts on “How to Make Gingerbread Men Snack Bags”

    1. Thanks Barb! We always have a ton of fun crafting and these were the perfect fit for our Gingerbread Men story in school that week.

  1. These are the cutest little things ever! My son would flip for these little gingerbread men bags with festive M&Ms! I should try to make some for his preschool class.

  2. No freaking way. This is such a genius idea! I am definitely going to do this for Cohen’s class at school for Christmas! 🙂 Thanks for the amazing idea!

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