How #FrozenFavorites Made our Asian Themed Girls Night In a Success #Cbias

Life is crazy.  With work, two toddlers and our small farm life stays crazy, good but crazy.  I haven’t gotten together with my sister’s in a good while just to hang out and catch up.  After being with two of them separately last week we decided it was time to get together and have a girls night in!  Although all of us wouldn’t be there, (we were missing two) three of us could.  This week, month, year has been a crazy one for me.  Actually if I think about it the last several years really have, anyways this is my final week at one of my jobs!  I will no longer be a USPS employee after this week and I have to say I am truly excited!

I wanted to have the girls over but with a crazy week to fit it in I needed to do something simple so we could just hang out and not be cooking the entire time.  After tossing ideas around we decided we would do an Asian theme and get a couple of frozen meals and just make desert (I told you it has been crazy!)  Lean Cuisine has some a couple of Asian themed meals so I decided I would grab them on my trip to Little Rock this week.  To see our full shopping trip as well as our Girls Night In, visit my Google+ album.

To make it festive we decided we would make some simple decorations.  We headed into Michaels to pick up a few things for an upcoming spider party for the kids and to look around to see what we could find.  In the end we settled with making paper cranes (one of my sisters volunteered) and paper lanterns.  They turned out so cute and are so easy to make, click here to see how to make them!

After Michaels we headed to Sam’s Club to check out their frozen foods section and grab some fresh fruit.  We picked up a pineapple and some raspberries and were headed to the frozen foods section.  They had a variety of frozen Chinese meals but we opted to go with the Lean Cuisine frozen meals.

Although not organic, they do not use preservatives and every one of the ingredients I could pronounce!  The meals ranged from 220 calories to 330 calories with 1 to 9 grams of fat.  They were a great price at $11.25 for six meals.  That is only $1.88 a meal.  The package contained two of each variety: Ginger Garlic Stir Fry with Chicken, Chicken Teriyaki Stir Fry and Sesame Chicken.

The following day we started preparing in the late afternoon.  I had picked up these cute Asian take-out boxes to make mini gift boxes for both girls and the children (although they didn’t know they were getting one too!)  Addie and Austin helped me pick out items for both of their aunts and then had fun packing them; it was a tight fit.  They looked so cute with our paper lanterns and cranes on the table!

We had a great time just chatting about what was new with life and laughing.  We all needed the “us time” and when we get together there is always silliness and lots of laughter.  We each picked a different Lean Cuisine meal to try out.  Although I think we all tried each one, they really were surprisingly delicious.  With a side they are the perfect size to serve!

To go along with our theme I made an orange cake and one of my sister’s made what we termed “Sister Cookies”.  They were our take on fortune cookies!  She placed a sister message in each one and they were all very special.

Next was time to open our gift boxes.  It was a lot of fun to be able to share a variety of items in mini sizes that I love with them.  The kids had a great time picking out handmade soaps and bath salts at Whole Foods along with lip balms, and sprays.  No gift can be complete without chocolate so we put some in their too!

Although we did even plan for an Asian themed movie we watched growing up, (Karate Kid) it was so late before we realized it we had to skip out on the movie this time.  Having the Lean Cuisine Asian themed meals made the evening so easy and allowed me more time with the girls.  After the great time we had we decided we would need to have more GNI (Girls Nights In) more often!

Do you have fun Girls Nights In?  I would love to hear your ideas for our next Girls Night In!

To find out more about the #FrozenFavorites of Lean Cuisine be sure to check them out online as well as connect with them on Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. What a cute little party. Simple and fun! We’re actually going to do a GNI next week and it’s based on fall desserts. Everyone is bringing a dessert and recipe to share!

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