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When we had Austin, we had plans to decorate his room in an animal theme.  So many, many things happened and we did very little to actually decorate.  Now that Austin is a little bit older, he has lots of ideas.  When we finally made the decision to do something with his room, he wanted a jungle safari themed room or a rainforest themed room.  He had big ideas on bringing the animals right to his room.

My Wonderful Walls  was the PERFECT solution!

I wanted something that would be rather easy, that the kids could also help with.  My Wonderful Walls has an amazing selection of wall decals, canvas decals, stencil kits and nursery wall art you can easily transform any child’s room into a place of imaginative play, to another land or even world!

With selections from Under the Sea, Bugs and Blossoms, Space Theme, Transportation, Farm, Safari, Noah’s Ark and Dinosaurs there is truly something for everyone!

Here is what the wall looked like before we started, nice and white.

With just talking about what we were going to do with the room, my children became animal rescuers (like Diego), they quickly dreamed of riding giant elephants, flying like the macaws, their lights went off in a way that I love.  I want to cultivate their imagination and creativity and it is amazing how something as simple as painting a room can do just that.

After spending some time looking over and over the sight we settled on the jungle animal safari wall stencils set.  Once it arrived we put it away, because Austin was so excited he wanted to start right then.  This week with being all cooped up from all the snow we received we decided it would be perfect to pull out and get started!

The kit contains everything you need to paint all the animals and trees on your walls.  I started by applying a white coat of paint to the walls, as they needed a good base coat.  I should have read the directions a little better because I didn’t think about needing the green for the grass and blue for the skies but we worked it all out with what we had since we had about a foot of snow on the ground and couldn’t leave.

(So you will need to start with green on your walls for the grass and blue for the sky but all the other paints you will need to paint all the animals, flowers, trees and insects are included in the kit!)

We had drawn out on a piece of paper where we thought we would like the animals and then placed the stencils where we thought we would want them. I loved that the stencils are self adhesive so there is no need for taping!  That was the best part.  Excitement was building, can you tell?

Okay, so I didn’t exactly follow directions on the stencils, but if you wish to see how to use them the proper way, you can view this short how-to video here.  I decided since I wanted the kids to be involved, well they  wanted to be involved, we would paint inside the stencils themselves rather than draw them directly on the walls.

This worked well but I needed to create a more finished line with a small brush once we removed them.  Were they perfect?   No, they were better because even though they had slight imperfections to the eye, the kids felt great pride in their animals they painted.  Austin painted the Mama and baby elephant and Addie painted the giraffe and lizard.  They even named them.  Austin helped me with all the others that were low as well.

Although we had decided to just do one wall for now, he was so beyond excited about how it turned out.  I am so pleased with both the children’s excitement and just how great the room looks.

If you are looking to decorate a space for your little one be sure to pop over and check out all the awesomeness My Wonderful Walls has to offer.   They are offering all Noise Girls readers a 15% discount using code: NGJ713.

You can also connect with them on Facebook and Twitter for even more inspiration.

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I was provided with my kit for review purposes.  No other compensation was received.  All thoughts and opinions expressed are 100% those of my family and my own. 

15 thoughts on “Give Your Room a Makeover with My Wonderful Walls”

  1. I like the idea of the stencil kit, but I do find it a bit more intimidating. I love that your kids were able to help too!

  2. I would go with the stickers because I could never paint them myself! I am horrible when it comes to painting stencils and if you mess up that’s it! LOL If I was brave enough, I’d probably have done what you did and leave the stencils up!

    1. The photo of the finished (well almost finished wall isn’t displaying!) I will add it in tomorrow, they are super excited about it!

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