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I received accommodation’s on our trip to Florida in exchange for sharing our experience about our stay. 

It all started with a phone call.  My brother and sister-in-law had set dates to travel to Florida to take their seven-year old daughter to Walt Disney World for the first time!  Not only were they going but they wanted the family, to come join them!  Although Bryan couldn’t join us at the time, we decided I would make the journey with the children.  My mother made the travel with five children, surely I could make it alone with three!

Since we were looking for rooming for several families, my brother suggested we look into a vacation home.  It seemed like a perfect option for our multi-generational family vacation.  It would enable us to all have our own space, we would have a full kitchen to prepare meals and have room for the kids to room and play!  That is where Global Resort Homes came into play.

We didn’t arrive in time to check-in in the office but took advantage of their after hour check-in.  It was easy to grab our keys and head over to the beautiful Windsor Hills.  It is a gated subdivision with many vacation homes but also with many permanent residents as well.  As we went through the security we were given a pass to scan every time we entered and exited the subdivision.  This was a feature I appreciated as I was traveling alone with the children.  Did I mention that the home was only 1.5 miles from Disney?  HUGE PERK!


We arrived at 7718 Teascone Blvd and quickly gained entry into our large house.  You would have thought that the children had never seen a house before; they were extremely excited!  I walked, they skipped, hopped and gallivanting through the house as we explored.  The house was equipped with six bedrooms, two offering king beds, two offering queen beds and two bedrooms equipped with twin beds.  All of Global Resort Homes are independently owned and we were matched with a home that had child themed rooms specifically for the ages of our  children.

global-resort-homes-princess-room-review-2The girl’s room was perfectly fit for our princesses!  Addie squealed with excitement when we turned the lights on!  There was a great deal of work given to detail in the room.  As I turned my back to walk away there was another squeal.  global-rsort-homes-princess-room-review

She had found the wardrobe of princess gowns in the closet.  It took only moments for her to slip into a gown and shoes.  She was in heaven!


The boy’s room was right next door and was a perfect fit for Austin!  What little man doesn’t love Cars?  Again, there was great attention to details with nothing spared!  There were beautiful murals painted on the walls, themed bedspreads and ceiling fan.  Each room had its own flat-screen television with cable that was equipped with the Disney channel.  The children were happy all around!


The kids bathroom upstairs was none other than Mickey Mouse themed.  The kids quickly asked if we could move into this house for good!  Little did they know that there was a game room and pool downstairs!


I decided to take a bedroom close to the kid’s room that had a queen bed and bathroom attached.  It was a perfect spot to unwind and with the way the house was laid out, it wasn’t on top of any of the rooms so we had some privacy.

global-resorts-home-review (18 of 34)

The master bedroom was spacious with a large king bed and flat screen television.  My brother and sister-in-law settled into the room very nicely.  The master bathroom was spacious with a shower and soaker tub.  It was perfect for the kids to have a few bubble baths during the evening time.

global-resorts-home-review (17 of 34)

There was one other bedroom upstairs equipped with a king size bed and a crib for those traveling with little ones.


Downstairs was one more bedroom that had a queen sized bed and a full bathroom.


The house is very open on the first floor with large ceilings, a sitting room when you enter that leads into a full kitchen and a family room equipped with a large TV.

global-resorts-home-review (29 of 34)

We were excited for the large kitchen because it allowed us to prepare home cooked meals.  Traveling with family that have food allergies can prove to be a challenge and being able to prepare meals, even snacks makes my life so much easier.  The kitchen was equipped with all the necessities to cook.  With the seating at the bar, we had plenty of room for everyone to eat in the kitchen.

There was a full-size laundry room that was extremely useful!  Knowing we would have laundry facilities, I only packed four extra pairs of clothing for the children.  It was so nice to be able to do laundry, even right before we left and arrive home with clean clothing.


Other than the bedrooms, the children were beyond excited to have the large pool.  It was warm during the day so the pool was a great way for the kids to cool off and also get some of their energy out before bedtime.  The three cousins that were of age to swim had a great time!  They challenged each other in the water, Austin even became comfortable enough to jump in the water thanks to his cousin!


The garage had been converted into a game room.  Because of it being closed off it was a little warm but once the door to the house was open it cooled down a great deal.  Austin developed a love of air hockey thanks to Uncle Josh.


Our house was located right across the street from the large community playground.  The play area is designed to look like a castle and had everything you can imagine!  The swings, slides, merry-go-round and see-saws were huge hits!

All the rooms were decorated beautifully.  It was warm, inviting and had that homey feeling.  There truly are so many benefits to renting a house over staying in a hotel when you are taking a multi-generational family vacation.  The house allowed us to relax without the worry of how loud the kids were.  It gave them extra room to roam, play and discover.  Our Global Resort Homes allowed each family to have their own private space when we needed it but still allowed us the bonding time together.

Family vacations are all about making memories!  And we made great memories during our stay at our Global Resort Homes!

We highly recommend staying with Global Resort Homes if you are planning a trip to the Orlando or Kissimmee areas.

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Have you ever stayed in a vacation home?  What is the one perk you think you would enjoy most?

22 thoughts on “Global Resort Homes – Your Home Away From Home”

  1. Wow! I’ve heard so many great things about Global Resort Homes but seeing is believing! This looks absolutely amazing, so fun and spacious too! Would love to stay there on our next visit!

    1. That was a huge plus for us! With food allergies, it is so much easier to prepare most of our own food rather than rely on restaurants.

  2. That house looks awesome! No wonder all the kids wanted to live there permanently. I think I’d have a hard time leaving at the end of my vacation, too.

    1. They layout was great! And perfect for three families to all have their own space without being on top of each other. It was so nice and relaxing!

  3. Love your house! We stayed in a Global Resort Home but choice a condo instead. A house is a great way to go when traveling with large families, multiply families, and young children. I enjoyed following you along on your trip to Disney.

  4. The house looks fantastic, and such a great spot too. My ‘cars’ obsessed son saw that room and lost it a little bit 🙂

    We’ll be going to Florida next year, and will definitely consider staying there.

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