Go Adventuring with StarPath Dolls

Who knew imaginary play could be so fun? Thanks StarPath dolls for sponsoring today’s post.

Children’s imaginations are simply amazing.  With a little help from their imaginations they can transform simple boxes into space ships, houses, caves, castles….you name it they can be there.  At times I find myself smiling while I listen to their adventures from the other room.  I remember what it was like as a child.  Daily I had adventures in some way.  Some days we were explorers in the backyard, other days I would sit quietly and my dolls were taking the adventures for me.

My oldest daughter who is seven, soon to be eight next month has always loved dolls.  I can see myself in her in so many ways.  She carries a bag full of goodies from room to room and usually has her doll tightly clutched as well.  You see, for some girls, their dolls become more than just a doll, they become a best friend.

The doll may not actually be able to reply and talk back, but that is what imaginations are for!

Every child needs a best friend or two or three.  They are your closest companions, the ones you are your real self with, no filter, no fear of acceptance, just the real them.  I am so blessed in that I have four children who all genuinely love each other but even so, they are together all.the.time!  Sometimes they need a little break and some time jut for them.  This has really become apparent with Addie in the last year or so.

She lights up when she is going to get solo time to play on her own.  That may sound rather odd, but then she gets to have the adventures and narrate the story exactly how she wants.  With three other siblings, there is always a lot of give and take during play time and she is always so gracious to give.  During her solo play time it is her story.  She can pretend to live out every day life, daydream about grand traveling adventures or pretend to be a princess in a castle.

When we were introduced to StarPath dolls and I told her she could choose one for herself, she immediately became over joyed!  She wanted the doll that looked most like herself, Morning Star.  She has long blonde hair and blue eyes and Addie loved that she had pink in her outfit.  Currently there are four, 18″ StarPath dolls to choose from.  Want to know something incredibly cool about the StarPath dolls?  They come with a customizable book that includes you own child!

It really is such an awesome concept.  When you order the book you answer a series of questions that actually place your child, their friends and family, their likes and favorite things right into the story.  They become a part of the story! 

When Addie found her baby brother’s name, she giggled.  Then as she read on, it had more bits and pieces about herself in it.  When we saw her own name, her eyes beamed.  She loves to dress up and be fully immersed in pretend play.  Morning Star has now fully joined her princess squad.

This has been a summer truly full of adventures for our family and Morning Star has been right alongside Addie each step of the way.  She has been on a train trip that allowed us to explore parts of life over a hundred years ago, she has taken a road trip to Florida and been a companion in Little Rock during our most recent adventures.  She wears a little seat belt and gets buckled for the wild rides.

Addie has already asked if she could travel with us on our next big road trip, New York!  The smiles that come from her when she has her BFF tucked under her arm is contagious.  The tea parties and princess dances all are a part of life with little girls.  The time goes by so quickly and I want them to take advantage of each and every day to use their imaginations to the full!

Do you have a little imagineer who would love a StarPath doll?

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