Go Tree and Chemical Free with Ology

I was wondering through Walgreens a few short weeks ago and noticed a new brand Ology.  I was intrigued by the packaging and the more products I noticed the more I realized it was a brand I really wanted to give a try. Later that same day I received an email from the company asking if I wanted to try out their products.  I was really excited to see how they worked because I really like how they are made.

The first product I noticed that day was in the baby care section but after looking over their other products I decided to try out their laundry soap and paperless “paper” products, bath tissue and towels.

Intro into Ology

Ology is one of the first nationally accessible and affordable line of household liquid products free of harmful chemicals available. Product offerings include:

  • “paperless” paper products
  • light bulbs
  • baby care
  • laundry detergent and fabric softener,
  • glass cleaner and all-purpose cleaner
  • personal care

Walgreens offering the Ology line reflects their dedication to innovation, the constant drive to improve their customers’ quality of life, and their ongoing commitment to help people get, stay and live well.

What makes their products so special?

It is was is NOT included!  The bath tissue and paper towels are 100% tree free!  How can that be, I wondered.  Instead of using our precious trees that take up to 35 years to be replaced, it is made from renewable products, sugarcane husk and ever renewable bamboo.   Not only is it biodegradable but also is septic safe.

While I am a fan of soft tissue, I have to say this bath tissue is really nice.  It is durable, has a nice feel and not on the paper feeling side, if you know what I mean.  Some of the paper products out there are so rough they are unpleasant to use, I will be purchasing Ology bath tissue again!

The paper towels are equally as high quality!  While we do use cloth napkins, my hubby still at times prefers to use disposable napkins.  While we do not always have them on hand, the Ology towels have worked so well and I don’t feel as guilty knowing that they are biodegradable and not made from real paper.

I am always a little hesitant to try out new laundry soap due to my children’s sensitivities.  I choose the spring lavender & vanilla scent.  It is specially formulated for all your washing needs while containing no dyes, phosphates or artificial fragrances.

With prices ranging from $2.99 to $6.99 I was more than pleased with the high quality for the low prices that I paid.

I was even more impressed when I realized that the Ology brand had the backing of the Healthy Child Healthy World organization.  Gigi Lee Chang, CEO of Healthy Child Healthy World observe:

“Increasing evidence shows that the chemicals included in everyday products could be contributing to children’s diseases and behavioral disorders, including asthma, autism and cancer.  Until the U.S. adopts better regulations around product safety—like we do in other countries—parents are left to bear the burden of protecting their children’s health by educating themselves and making conscious purchases. With the help of Walgreens Ology products, concerned consumers now have easier access to affordable and safer solutions.”

To try the Ology product line yourself, be sure to stop into your local Walgreens store or check them out online.  You can also connect with them to show your support on Facebook and Twitter.

Disclosure:  I was provided with a product to review.  As always, all opinions are 100% my own. 

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