Living Clean this Summer with Tom’s of Maine

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The warm summer months bring more than a welcomed change after the cold months of winter.  I start daydreaming of what I am going to plant long before the chill is absent from the air.  We long to eat those first few sprigs of lettuce, that first vine ripened cucumber and snapping green beans.  Even my six-year-old son tells me there is such a difference in the taste in something fresh off the vine.

The last couple of summers I have not planted my dream gardens, I put in late gardens instead.  Although I prefer the weather for gardening in early mornings and late evening time, with three children those times of day can be rather hard to sneak away.  The reality is, I have to take my free time when I can get it, even if that means in the hottest part of the day!


Anyone that gardens will tell you it isn’t easy work, it is truly hard work but so fulfilling.  Every moment put into planning, planting, caring, harvesting and preserving is worth it!  We have family friends that put in a very large garden every year.  It is large enough that it feeds several families during the summer months and by means of preserving through the winter.  I look forward to the days that I get to head over to their garden for a few hours of meditation and hard work.  I get to use my hands, clear my head and listen to nothing but the bees buzzing around my head and the chickens chatting in the fields.


I don’t mind the hard work that comes from gardening, I rather love it actually.  There is something about having my hands in the dirt, cultivating plants and being able to provide my family with clean produce that I know exactly what has been put into and on it.

Since I have the desire to feed our bodies clean food, I also feel equally strong about what we use on our bodies to be absorbed into them.  I would like to pretend I am one of those women that never sweats and always smells fresh but that is far from the reality.  I don’t mind the sweating actually, but I have yet to find a product with natural ingredients that can take me on and actually work, until now!

Tom’s of Maine is a company whose core values I feel strongly about.  They believe both human beings and nature have inherent worth and deserve our respect.  Their products are made to be safe, effective, and made of natural ingredients.

We use some of their personal care products (like their silly strawberry toothpaste for the children) so when I had the opportunity to try the Tom’s deodorant that had been reformulated with #CollectiveBias, I was so excited to try it out!  Excited enough that I hopped on my Amazon Prime account and ordered it to arrive the next day.  They now have three varieties, naturally dry antiperspirantmen’s deodorant, and long-lasting deodorant.  Both deodorants are aluminum free and the antiperspirant contains recycled aluminum.


I chose to try the naturally dry antiperspirant.  It is the first made entirely from ingredients derived from plants and minerals.  The Tom’s of Maine Naturally Dry antiperspirant is for those who demand wetness and odor protection without artificial fragrance or preservatives.  It contains anti-microbial olive leaf extract which is the natural fragrance to help keep you fresh all day long.  So far, I have been very happy with my experience.  After a few hours working in the garden, I had bucket loads of clean produce and had everything under control thanks to my new stick of Tom’s of Maine.

Is using clean products important to your family?


8 thoughts on “Living Clean this Summer with Tom’s of Maine”

  1. I rather like the hard work of gardening also, but your are growing so much more than me. I totally agree, I love the core values of this company and like to buy their products.

  2. I grew up gardening but now that I live in Palm Springs … the boiling hot desert of Southern California, there isn’t much we can grow outside successfully. Im jealous of your garden!! I have all the citrus fruits one could need though = )

  3. I am a huge gardening fan too…although my harvest is much MUCH smaller! I am an avid fan of Toms of Maine. Use their toothpaste and deodorant daily!

  4. I’m so incredibly jealous of your garden! I garden in raised beds and don’t have nearly the output you do, but what I do grow, I love! I am trying to make the switch to natural products and deodorant was first on my list after reading so many horrible things about what is in most traditional brands, so I’m excited to switch to Tom’s, too!

    1. I would so love to take credit for that garden but it belongs to a very good friend. I am just fortunate enough to be able to work in it and benefit from harvesting!

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