You Gotta Try This #StonyfieldGreek!

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You know just how fun it is to try something before anyone else?  I am not the type of person that likes to flaunt but…as a part of my partnership with the Yo-Getters I received a generous supply of some new awesome flavors of Stonyfield Greek Yogurt to try out.  While I am having to refrain from dairy at the moment due to sweet Bethany’s tummy not doing well with it, the boys are loving their new yogurt!

You see, when I first started purchasing Stonyfield’s yogurt, I was not affiliated with them in any way.  It was just Bryan and I.  He had is favorite, which hands down was Strawberry and Raspberry and I then I would purchase other flavors for myself that he wouldn’t touch.  (I quickly learned to add a few flavors he didn’t enjoy so much to my cart so I could actually get some too!)

Stonyfield greek

Austin loved yogurt from the first time he tried the YoBaby yogurt.  Now that he has grown out of the YoBaby line, he has moved up to the “adult” yogurt.

Stonyfield has been our choice of yogurt because it is organic!  What does that mean?  It means they are free from toxic pesticides, artificial hormones, GMOs and antibiotics!  Perfect to feed my family!

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They have perfected their current Blueberry, Strawberry, and Superfruits Greek varieties and have introduced the new flavors making their way to the line:  Black Cherry and Café Latte.

Austin wasn’t a huge fan of the Café Latte but Bryan sure enjoyed it with just a hint of coffee and sweetness.  Austin loved every other flavor that we received and enjoyed it down to the last finger lick.  Yes, he couldn’t leave a single dollop in the package.

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Stonyfield’s Greek yogurt is not only a delicious treat but is a great way to get a punch of protein at the same time.

You Gotta Try This #StonyfieldGreek!

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