Gratituesday: Enjoying the Simple Mama Moments

Have you ever felt so far behind that you feel like you can’t breath?  Have you ever felt that no matter how hard you try you can’t seem to get ahead?  That is how I currently feel.  I have so much work to do for clients and am so far from where I want to be with my blog.  I feel like I am just treading water with no hopes of making forward progress.  I know that I will, but at the moment I just feel a little overwhelmed.

I knew what I needed, so Monday the kids and I decided to take the day off.  We slept in and then made Banana Bread.  I leasurly loaded the dishwasher and then we grabbed hats, sunglasses, loaded into the van and we were off.

We headed to a friend’s house to pick these little cherries.  Addie I think may have eaten more than she acually put in the basket.  The kids each spilled their baskets once but no tears over spilled cherries, we simply picked more.   We sang songs that the children picked, laughed and talked about all the wonderful fruits we enjoy and what a great variety that God created for us.

When we had filled our baskets we decided it was time to head to the park.  Our friend was also woking in his garden and let the kids in to take a look.  While we were picking cherries, we was picking us a bag of fresh green beans, squash, a lone cucumber and a few onions.  It was like coming home from the farmer’s market.

Then we headed to a small, older park close to our home.  Even though we were there only a short time, the kids loved taking turns going down the slide.

Addie & Austin love to swing.  These swings are a little higher than I would prefer but I usually hold onto Addie.  She insisted I let her swing like her brother and as hesitant as this Mama was I did let go.  I stayed close in case she decided to let go but she didn’t.

Once we got home the kids were tired as I was but we had a great time away from the phones and computer.  I felt refreshed and ready to get started.  At the end of the day, I won’t have everything crossed off my list that needs to be completed except the most important one, spending quality time with my kids.  We all had a great time today and enjoyed the beautiful things God created for us.  It is truly the simple things and those that are with us that we enjoy and cherish!

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  1. Thank you for sharing this post. I’ve been in a similar place, bogged down with to-dos and endless projects, but this has inspired me to put it aside a bit and enjoy more time with the family. Too often they come last, when they need to be first.

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