Great Way to Save Money on Travel at Kroger #KrogerGasnGifts

Our family loves to travel.  It isn’t that we buy expensive souvenirs or always do extravagant things while traveling, it is that we get to have experiences, see the vast differences in the beautiful planet we call home in the natural surroundings but also in people.  It allows us to make memories, those are so much more important than things.

One way we like to save in order to travel is by taking advantage of credit card offers with points and miles.  Even better when we can double stack those offers!

On our most recent trip to Yellowstone National Park and the Grand Teton National Park, we made so many memories.  Memories that years from now we will talk about.  The beauty is amazing, the Junior Rangers program was something the children loved taking part in, Old Faithful was more than the kids imagined and we used lots of free travel points to make it all possible.  

Our sponsor, Tatu Digital Media is excited to share that right now at Kroger stores you can double dip for extra points.

Starting 11.21.18 to 12.11.18 you can earn 4X Fuel Points when you purchase gift cards at Kroger!  That in itself is a huge savings but you can also earn lots of points simply by using your credit card with points options.  Some credit cards offer bonus points at supermarkets and grocery stores so the extra points will vary based upon which credit cards you utilize.  Be sure to check your card offers to get your most points for your money!  (and a very important side note: if you use a credit card to earn points, be sure you pay them off to incur interest charges and make the points very costly.)

Now you might think, I don’t need gift cards for anything but here are a few ideas:

Travel:  Are you traveling in the next month or two?  Why not get gas gift cards or hotel gift cards to use in place of money you would already be spending?

Dining:  Do you regularly dine out or have plans to soon?  Why not purchase gift cards prior to eating out so you can double dip?

Shopping:  This time of year, there are lots of great sales and most of us have plans to make purchases.  Why not purchase gift cards in the amounts you plan to spend at your favorite stores?

Gifts:  Do you have plans to give any gifts in the hear future?  Gift cards can make great themed gifts.  Gift cards don’t necessarily have the same feelings as a well thought out for many receivers, but why not make a themed basket and include a gift card in it?

If they love movies, why not make a fun themed basket with gift cards for a local theater, boxes of their favorite candy, popcorn and a movie for a home movie night.

For kids, my kids love receiving gifts, but they also love gift cards.  Why not get a few small toys, trinkets or candy with a gift card.

We also love to gift experiences, so one year we made a basket with a gas card, a dining card for a quick lunch, an experience voucher and dinner card for a day date.  We placed each card in an envelope and then in the basket tied each card to an object that related to the gift.  When they received a basket with a matchbox car, slice of bread, a toy tiger and plates, they were not sure of what to make of it.  But the unwrapping was SO much fun!

Now that I’ve given you a few ideas, you don’t want to miss out on this deal!  It’s a win, win situation.  But the 4X Fuel Points are only valid on purchases from 11.21.18 to 12.11.18.  Don’t miss out!  Find your local participating Kroger store here:

Now to get you started, enter below to win a $50 gift card!

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