Green Alternatives to Conventional Carpet Cleaning

Back in the day, I was totally a germ freak.  I washed by hands habitually and used lots and lots of cleaners.  Okay so let’s be honest, I wouldn’t still call myself a germ freak, rather germ conscious.  I probably still wash my hands (and those of my children) more than the average but I consider that to be proactive.  I no longer use anti-bacterial soaps although that is another post.  I also don’t use the same toxic chemicals that I once did, thinking I needed to, to get things clean.

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With Knowledge Comes Empowerment 

Once I started doing research and truly realized the harm that was coming from the household chemicals I was using, I searched out alternatives.  Now I make many of my own cleaning solutions.

What about carpet cleaning?  Although I now have wood floors throughout my house, when I had carpet, I liked to have it cleaned regularly.  After all, we track in all the nasty stuff on our shoes from wherever we have been.  Add animals to the mix and you have dirty carpets.  Previously I liked to spot treat my carpets almost daily and then give them a really thorough cleaning every other month. The problem is, that chemicals are often  added to make sure that the carpet is clean and that ugly and messy stains or bad odors emitted or stuck in the carpet has been erased as well.

Two of the nastiest chemicals traditionally applied in carpet cleaning are perchloroethylene also known as “perc”, and naphtaline.  If in the case of ingestion or direct inhalation the additive will cause different symptoms including nausea, fatigue, and dizziness. It is also thought that these two chemicals are actually carcinogenic over long-term exposure, either way they are considered hazardous.  Why would that be okay for a place your child will be sitting, crawling and playing on?

Munnar Top stationA Green Alternative

I recently was introduced to a green company that provides “Green” carpet cleaning services!  They put all the emphasis on the health and concern of their clients and shuns the use of any chemicals that could cause ill-health.   They use 100 percent biodegradable and nontoxic substances, often with balanced pH that is gentle for the environment, and even the product packaging is made of 100 percent recyclable material.   While I am sure services like these are not yet available everywhere, for more information about green carpet cleaning in New York, Green Choice would be the alternative that I would use!

The next time you are ready to have your carpets cleaned, why not search locally for a company that offers “Green” services.  Not only will your family benefit from choosing a “Green” alternative but so will our environment!

This post is being brought to you by your friends at Green Choice Carpet.

3 thoughts on “Green Alternatives to Conventional Carpet Cleaning”

  1. We have a carpet steam cleaner and instead of the cleaning solution they sell with it, I just use water with vinegar and some essential oils. It’s really the steam that kills germs anyways, no need for those toxic chemicals!

  2. When we moved in to our town home 3 years ago, I had the carpets cleaned. When the cleaner showed up he suggested I take the kids out so they weren’t around the cleaning fluid! Instead, I asked him to leave! Goodness!

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