Think Outside the Box with Green Giant Veggie Chips


My son thinks he is such a big boy now!  He is five and officially starting school this year.  His new pleasure is to go into our tiny country Post Office to check the mail all by himself!  It was one I worked at so they are very comfortable and since our box is on the bottom, he has no problems.  He was so excited to be carrying a big priority size box to me in the van because he couldn’t wait to open it and see what was inside.   Although it wasn’t what he expected, he was still excited!  It contained the new Green Giant Veggie Chips!

Truthfully it was perfect timing because we were headed home to make sandwiches for lunch.  I think both the kids were just as hungry as I was and when they realized that one bag was multigrain sweet potato chips they were even more excited!  My kids love sweet potato chips so they couldn’t wait for me to open the bag when we came home.  I was curious about how well the barbecue flavor would mix with the sweet potato but was pleasantly surprised!

We put our bags away and then I quickly made basic sandwiches, cut up some fruit and the kids each brought a bag of chips to the table.  We were sent the Green Giant™ Roasted Veggie Tortilla Chip in garden ranch and Green Giant Multigrain Sweet Potato Chip  in barbecue to try out.


Both of the children wanted to try each flavor.  I usually always make Addie eat some of her sandwich before she gets chips since we don’t have them all the time that is all she will want.  Austin on the other hand always saves his favorite for last so eats everything else on his plate so he can enjoy his chips.  Funny how different they can be!

Back to the Chips

The barbeque Green Giant multigrain sweet potato chips were my favorite.  The texture was almost that of a baked chip, so they were light and not greasy in the least way.  The spices were awesome!  They were tangy with a hint of sweetness and just the right kick!

Although the kids enjoyed every one they ate, their favorite was the garden ranch Green Giant™ roasted veggie tortilla chips.  They didn’t realize it has other veggies hidden inside (even though they did notice the green pepper pieces), they just loved the flavor.  It had the texture more of a light corn chip but again, missing the grease aspect!1-Green Giant Veggie Chips Key Visual 3

Both bags didn’t last long and within a few days the children were asking for more.  Both are requesting we purchase more of the ranch chips on our next shopping trip!

Have your tried the new Green Giant Veggie Chips?

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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  1. I haven’t seen these yet, in our local stores (but it seems to take longer for us to find something “new”), but I’m sure that my husband will want to load up on them, as soon as they come our way.

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