Green Printing-Options Are Available

When we think of printing services we usually do not associate them as being “green”.  I work with local print brokers doing bookkeeping, and truly the amount of paper that comes in and out the door is astounding!  Not just the paper, but the sheer amount of all the chemicals in the ink that are not environmentally friendly too.  Although there now are other options, such as eReaders, they are not always feasible.

The thought of green printing likely makes most people think of higher costs and that they are simply unavailable.  There are many things you can do to be responsible when it comes to looking after the environment during the planning and printing process.

Choose Environmentally-Friendly Paper and Inks

    • Paper type – Try to choose chlorine free paper, there are actually many options to choose from.
    • Paper size – Try to use standard paper sizes for your project. This reduces wastage of paper as paper comes in standard sheet sizes and can also save you money as well.
    • Green inks – Ask questions!  There are now vegetable oil based inks such as Soy, Sunflower and Rape seed. These are all an excellent alternative to the conventional chemical based inks.
    • Use both sides of each sheet of paper to reduce the amount of paper you actually need to use.

Think Outside the Box

Save extra paper by turning your papers into a ‘self-mailer’ so that you don’t need an envelope.  Do a little research and find companies that use renewable energy sources like wind and solar power to take the next step in green printing.

It is possible to take small steps to help save or environment and create less of a carbon footprint when printing services are required!

This information is being shared with you, courtesy of Barney’s Print Management.

2 thoughts on “Green Printing-Options Are Available”

  1. i would rather the world get into green printing rather than eradicating printing in general. i just don’t trust everything being in a digital ‘cloud’.

  2. I honestly never thought about turning my used paper into self-mailers. It would certainly save those frantic searches for one when you need to drop something in the mail (not something I really keep handy since we mail so little these days). I also need to get better about printing on both sides, especially if it’s just something for my own personal use.

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