Green Product Standards-What Exactly is it?

We often hear the word “Green” mentioned when referencing products or services.  With so much green washing going on how can we actually trust that a company is selling us truly green, eco-friendly products?  Let me introduce you to Buy Green’s “Green Product Standards”.  Buy Green is a huge online retailer that offers such a huge variety of green items from composting toilets to cleaning products, kitchen items, sporting goods, gifts, household products and even flooring.  They literally carry thousands of items!

When I first saw they speak of their Green Product Standard I really wanted to know more.  I mean a product may be organic and Eco-friendly but what about the process of obtaining the materials, the process it goes to arrive to me and what about after its usable life, what then?  That is exactly what Green Product Standard is all about!  The Standards rate the total “life-cycle” of a product that is easy for us to understand but still informative.

The products are rated on four different elements:

Source Material-When they consider the Source Material they consider the following:

Does it contain Toxins?

What is the Raw Material?

Is it Natural or Organic?

Does the material come from a Sustainable source?

Manufacturing-How is the product manufactured:

Is any of the product tested on Animals?

What type of impact do the Resources have on the environment?

What type of Energy Consumption is required to manufacture and deliver the product?

What type of Pollution does the manufacturing produce?

How much Packaging is required and where is it resourced from?

How does the Company Evaluate with regards to how they view their customers, employees, the environment and the community?

Usage-How is the product used and what type of impact does it have on the environment?

Does this product help to Reduce or Eliminate Material Consumption?

Does this product Reduce or Eliminate Trash Production?

Does the use of this product Reduce or Eliminate Toxins?

Does the use of the product Reduce or Eliminate Energy Consumption?

Disposal-How does the product get disposed of and what type of impact does it have on the environment?

Is the product Bio-degradable?

Can the product be Recycled?

Each of the products on Buy Green’s website are then scored based upon how they rate with each life-cycle standard.  They make it easy to find on each product.  Above is a Green Toys cookware & dining set.  Look at the little  box on the lower right hand side.  It shows that this product rates a 69 out of 100.  If you notice three of the four emblems are in color but the one is in grey.  That means that this product does not meet or exceed the “Green Lifestyle Standards” for Usage.

The higher the number is, the higher the product rates with “Green Products Standard”.  It goes from 1 to 100, based upon how many positive “Green” attributes the product possesses.  Although some of your favorite products may seem somewhat low on the standard ratings, keep in mind that any product rated by the Green Product Standard is better for the environment that a traditional product so it is a better alternative.

If you want to learn more about his amazing process, head over to Green Products Standard to learn so much more!  The next time you are looking for a household product or fun and unique gift, be sure to check out all the products Buy Green has to offer.  You can have the confidence you can make a good informed decision about what you are purchasing and the effects it has on environment!  If you are a company that offers green products, you too can have your products Green Products Standard Certified.



7 thoughts on “Green Product Standards-What Exactly is it?”

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  2. I think the term green is like natural or healthy – there is no set definition that the meaning begins to get diluted. Love there is an independent company that provides consumer with direction when it comes to truly “green” products.

    1. Yes, the are no regulations with regards to green, natural and healthy. I love what they are doing with their green Products Standards as you can truly see how each product rates!

  3. Brilliant! There are so many “green” products that really aren’t and it’s so hard to research each little thing. I love the idea of shopping for everyhing in one place and KNOWING it’s truly a green product!

  4. Seems like a good rating system. “Green” is a very vague, blanket statement. This gives good standards, and will probably encourage even more companies to follow through with all the different aspects of eco friendly business practices and products.

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