Green Your Cleaning – Replacing Paper Towels

Since we have been discussing ways we can green our cleaning, we have yet to discuss ways to reduce our consumption of disposable products.  We truly live in a disposable world.  Things are not made like they use to be and for ease, everything is made to be tossed.  Trees are being cut down at an unsustainable rate and 3000 tons of paper towel waste is produced per day.

As a family we have drastically reduced but not yet totally eliminated our use of all disposable products.  We don’t use disposable plates, utensils and cups.  We do however still use toilet paper (don’t plan on giving it up anytime soon) and we do still use some paper towels.

Now I know that is a huge no, no.  We do still occasionally use them for dinner, ( I will be soon sharing our solution to this soon).  I do not use paper towels to clean with, I long ago switched to rags and microfiber cloths.    There are times though that I wish I had something else.  Today I am very excited to share two great products with you, that you may not be aware about, because I wasn’t.

Skoy Cloths

I heard about these from a green mama’s group I belong to and was so excited that they offered to let me try out one of their 4-packs.  Skoy cloths are a European made product and 100% biodegradable when properly composted because it is made from a natural cotton and wood-based cellulose pulp. They are a chlorine-free product that uses water-based colors and inks.

They are about a 7 inch rectangle and are totally flat and seem very firm.  Once you wet them however they take on the feeling of a dish cloth and can hold up to 15x their own weight.  They work so great.  I was totally impressed with the cleaning capabilities and how well they actually hold up.  Once you use them for your cleaning task, simply lay flat to dry and they take their original form of being super flat.  This makes it truly convenient for storage. If you use them for a really icky mess, they also are washable and can even be placed in the dishwasher.

My kids love that they are brightly colored and that they have cute flowers on them.  They quickly claimed which one was theirs when I opened the package up to try them out.  Of course I don’t mind, they help me clean and are excited about the colored Skoy Cloth they were able to use.  Mama loves that they are convenient, can be used multiple times but in the end, when their useful life is over, they are biodegradable.  An independent study concluded that the Skoy cloths can completely break down with in 5 weeks!  Love it!  They also have a really cool fundraising program for schools.

You can purchase a 4-Pack of Skoy cloths on their website for $6.99 or on Amazon.


Never heard of them?  Well neither had I, but I didn’t know what I was missing.  Bambooee is a reusable bamboo towel that is made from 100% certified organically grown bamboo.  They are made in rolls that contain 20 sheets.  Each roll they say can replace 60 rolls of paper towels!  Can you imagine.  Let me explain how, first off they are washable.  So after being used at the dinner table, or cleaning up that milk spill or…simply put them in the laundry to be washed.  After they are dry, add them back to your napkin basket or drawer to be used again.  Pretty simple.

I was shocked at how thick and absorbent that they really are.  They are quite soft but thick and absorb really well.  Even when wet, they work exceptionally well as a rag.  I found they actually worked better at absorbing after being washed a couple of times.  I tried laying them flat to dry as well as in the dryer and they seemed to do well either way.  Bambooee says you should be able to wash each cloth about 25 times before it starts to break down!  I haven’t made it that far with them yet but I can say I am really impressed.

Since they are grown from organic bamboo they are made from a sustainable resource that will continue to replenish itself year after year.  It also means that it is biodegradable.  I love that as a company they are committed to reducing waste, sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint. They offer Bambooee burp cloths, bibs and baby wipes as well!

You can purchase Bambooee cloths on their website for $12.99 for a roll of 20-sheets.

Stay tuned later this week because Skoy has offered to provide one Frugal Greenish Mama reader a 4-pack of their own and Bambooee has provided some of their amazing bamboo towels that we will be giving away in our Green Your Cleaning Series at the end of the week!

Disclosure: I was provided with the above mentioned products to review at no charge.  All of the opinions expressed are those of myself and my family.

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  2. Thanks for the ideas. To be green and save money, I use old clothes, socks and scrap material (I especially like flannel),I zig zag stitch around the edges and use. The rags are frugal, green and very cost effective. I have found them great for cleaning! We only use paper towels if our cats have an accident.

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