How to Grill Frozen Pizza

This post on how to grill frozen pizza is sponsored by Red Baron Pizza through my work with The Women Bloggers and Kendall King Group. All opinions are my own.

In the South, when the weather starts to turn a bit cool, there are a few things people look forward to all year-long, and football certainly tops that list.  High school and college football occupy the weeknights and weekends of many.  There are the die-hard fans and then the causal fans.  I would consider myself a causal fan; I’m more into the food and friends that come along with gathering together to watch games.

The current season of life I am in with four active kids, my time doesn’t allow for me to create fancier spreads quite like I use to, but I am certainly okay with that.  I have come to realize that it isn’t all the little details that create the memories, it is the feelings and emotions that create the lasting impression, so that is my focus.  Simple is okay, and simple can still be delicious.

When I survey my children on what they would like to eat, at any given point one always requests pizza.  What child do you know that doesn’t love pizza?  When you are preparing for game day or tailgating, pizza can be hard to really enjoy.  Cold pizza isn’t bad but if I am going to eat pizza, I want it to be warm with melted cheese that stretches as I take a bite.  Can you taste it?  I can!

In my searches online, I saw someone grilling pizza?  I questioned it and thought, could that really work?  I’m here to tell you it can!  It takes some trial with a charcoal grill to figure out how to grill a frozen pizza because you can’t regulate the heat, (so I really overcooked a few) but yes, you can grill pizza.  And it tastes really great.  Touchdown!  That means no matter where you are tailgating, you can cook your pizza and serve it hot and crispy for game day.

I purchased the Red Baron Deep Dish Singles from Sam’s Club for an awesome price.  They are individually wrapped, which allows you to cook one at a time and they are already in the proper serving size.  Who doesn’t love having their own personal pizza?

How to Grill Frozen Pizza

  • Prepare your coals to grill.  I overcooked (burnt) a couple of pizzas trying to figure out the right temperature.  The ones that cooked the best were ones that were cooked after the coal’s temperature peaked and the heat was not so intense.
  • Place your pizza either directly on the rack or on a piece of foil.  We use foil because of our other children having  food allergies.
  • Cover with the lid and check the pizza in about 5-7 minutes.  Rotate the pizzas on the rack.
  • Cover again and cook another 5-6 minutes.  If the cheese is melted and the crust crispy your pizza is all ready to be enjoyed.  I found that if I cooked them longer than 13-14 minutes they tended to get a little scorched, so just keep your eyes on them after that time.

It is seriously that simple to grill pizza.  Using mini cups we made a few salads and then filled others with veggie sticks.  Those are so simple to make up ahead of time, pop on the lids and very portable to take on the go.

If you are tailgating, be sure to remember to bring a few extra of the Red Baron Minis or Deep Dish Singles.  The aroma of a pizza grilling is enough to capture the attention of those close by.  They are the perfect sharing size and are extremely convenient due to the portion sizes and being individually wrapped.

When it comes time for game day, simple can still be amazing!  With Red Baron pizzas, you can be assured you will make new tailgating friends, because everyone loves pizza.  They are so easy to share, are simple to make and are a great value at Sam’s Club for a 12 count box of the Red Baron Deep Dish Pizzas.

Which team do you cheer on during the football season?  Have you ever tried to grill a pizza?

How to Grill Frozen Pizza for Game Day - Our Homemade Life

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