Hands on Fun and Learning with PLAY-DOH

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play-doh pet shop

As a child, I fondly remember playing with PLAY-DOH putty for hours.  My favorite set we had allowed me to make spaghetti noodles, French fries and all kinds of fun foods.  My sister and I would sit on the kitchen floor under the windows and play for hours.  We would make dinner for the family, own a restaurant and create menus only children would create and so much more.

Now that I have children of my own with a thirst for creative play, I love that we can do that with PLAY-DOH compound.  This year, the PLAY-DOH brand is celebrating 60 years!  Can you believe the PLAY-DOH brand has been around since 1956?  Even after 60 years, it continues to captivate the imaginations of children and artists of all ages.

play-doh ice crea,m truck

To mark their 60 years of creative play, the PLAY-DOH brand is taking fans on entirely new colorful, creatable, makeable adventures!  They have introduced the PLAY-DOH Town sets.  With fun back-drops like a fire station, pet store, ice cream truck and more, your children can be inspired in creative storytelling.  Each set contains a fun, customizable figure that holds some fun surprises.

play-doh firestation

Austin received the PLAY-DOH Towns Firehouse Set and he loves all the fun things he can do.  It was certainly created with a child in mind.  You can create fun flames to create a building on fire, water gushing from a fire hydrant, push blue PLAY-DOH compound out of  fire hose and even help the fire dog to well…poop.

play-doh full fire station

What little boy doesn’t dream of being a fire fighter?  Now they can, just safely!

playdoh ice cream cones

Miss B chose the PLAY-DOH Town Ice Cream Truck Playset.  This PLAY-DOH set includes a fun ice cream truck that actually makes the PLAY-DOH compound look like real ice cream.  Before we started playing, and creating fun treats for use to pretend play with, we discussed that the PLAY-DOH compound was just to be creative with, that the food was only pretend and not ever to be eaten.

playdoh ice cream cone

Addie chose the PLAY-DOH Town Pet Store Playset.  It was jam packed with so many little critters to make for an actual pet store.  Birds, fish, cats, dogs, mice, hamsters and more are included.  We are just starting to mix colors to create contrast, but even with using single colors to create the animals, she is getting really good at making mini creatures.  Complete with a register that spits out a PLAY-DOH compound tape, she is able to make money and all kinds of fun accessories for her Pet Shop.

playdoh pet store employee

PLAY-DOH allows children to play in away that sparks their creativity.  It engages their mind by using their imaginations and keeps them engaged in role-play.  With homeschooling, we love open-ended play.  They get to write their own stories, use their hands to create anything they can imagine and let their imaginations soar.

pet store

Be sure to join in the fun on World PLAY-DOH Day on September 16th.  It makes for the perfect day  to pick up a playset or can of compound and squish, mold, and explore the fun sculpting possibilities!  



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