Hands Up-Who Love Chocolate? Enjoy Life #Review

Does everyone have their hands up?  I have yet to meet anyone who doesn’t really love chocolate!  I really enjoy dark, rich chocolate as it doesn’t take much to really satisfy the cravings.  Growing up, my Mother had a sweet tooth and it didn’t take much for her to be happy, I guess I inherited that gene from her!

I had the privilege to receive two new chocolate allergy friendly products from Enjoy Life.  Needless to say, the day they arrived, Addie was giddy seeing that this box contained one of the things she loves right now!  We received a package of Enjoy Life Mega Chocolate Chunks and the Double Chocolate Crunch Nut & Gluten Free Granola.

As a company Enjoy Life makes the most delicious allergen friendly treats!  I stumbled across their chocolate chips when I realized my daughter had a dairy allergy.  After not having any type of chocolate for a couple of months, I was more than excited to find dairy free chocolate chips from Enjoy Life.  Although they are not organic, they are free of wheat, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, egg, soy, fish, shellfish, casein, potato, sesame and sulfites.  As a company their goal is to make delicious products that everyone can EAT FREELY, even though with food allergies!  I have yet to try an enjoy life product that I didn’t thoroughly enjoy!

We first tried the double chocolate crunch.  The kids were content to eat it right from the package and were delighted to find mini chocolate chips throughout the bag.  It isn’t overly sweet as you may think of when you first see the name but has a perfect blend of crunch with a small hint of sweetness.  I enjoyed eating it with some vanilla Stonyfield yogurt and what a perfect yummy treat!

The Mega Chocolate Chucks were a huge hit!  We are a few plain which the kiddos would have been more than happy to just eat plain.  We did however make these yummy Peanut Butter Swirl Bars with them and they melted smoothly and tasted perfect!   We also made double chocolate chocolate muffins (I will share soon) and chocolate chip banana bread with the same bag.  What I don’t understand, if chocolate chips can taste this incredible without all the additives, what is the need for them?  Why can’t other companies make theirs without soy and dairy.

Enjoy Life products are absolutely amazing!  If you know someone has food allergies, make sure to share Enjoy Life with them.  Even if you don’t have allergies, I would highly recommend their products!  I have looked at the ingredient list of many organic chocolate chip brands and don’t care for some of the ingredients, so I still regularly purchase Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips to this day.

Get Some Enjoy Life for Yourself!

If you are interested in giving them a try for yourself, the best deal I could find online for the Enjoy Life Chocolate Chip Minis was at iHerb.  If you are a new customer to iHerb, you will receive $5.00 off when you enter my referral code:  FIV946.  They offer free shipping on orders over $20.00, so if you put five bags of chocolate chips in your cart, with the $5.00 credit you’ll get each bag for just $3.26!  That is pretty much what conventional chocolate chips cost at my Wal-Mart.  I purchased five bags a while back and just put them in my freezer and use as I need them.

Connect With Enjoy Life

You can see what other amazing Enjoy Life products are offered by visiting their website, connecting with them on Facebook and Twitter!

I received the above mentioned products at no charge for my review.  I was not compensated in any other way.  All opinions expressed are 100% my own and those of my family!

6 thoughts on “Hands Up-Who Love Chocolate? Enjoy Life #Review”

  1. My hand was definitely raised! My hubby actually just started liking chocolate a couple years ago and my 10 yr old daughter just started liking it this year. Before that, I never knew anyone that didn’t like it. Anyway, thanks for the heads up on this company. Totally will check them out!

  2. How interesting! I have never heard of them, but will definitely have to look into them further for family that has gluten allergies! Thanks for sharing!

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