Happiness = Having Piles of Laundry

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It is 9:30pm and my day is finally winding down.  My kitchen counter is still covered with dishes (despite doing four loads today).  I have laundry, some folded waiting to be put away and a load still needing to be in the dryer.  I have papers, ah the piles of papers still waiting to be sorted and filed.  As much as I hate waking up to a messy house, tonight I decided I was not going to worry about it.  And why exactly does that equal happiness?

All too often we get so caught up in the daily tasks that we forget to savor the moments that turn into the memories.  All those stuffed dogs on my living room floor are from Miss B dancing today during our late music lessons.  She loves the videos we play on the computer and is getting good and tapping her toes to the beat.  She watches the kids and tries to imitate everything they do.

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Today was a harder day for Miss B than most, maybe it is her new teeth she is working on or maybe she was just a little clingy but today she cried more than normal.  As I tried feverishly to get anything accomplished she was at my feet with her big eyes looking up at me asking me to pick her up.  She wanted to be held, cuddled and I think most…wanted to nurse.  Although there were moments it truly tried my patience, I know that these moments, these days will soon be gone.  I will miss her big bright eyes looking up at me, wanting to be picked up.

Her new words are so cute.  She says, “yes!” so excitedly and in the cutest way…”yethsssssssssssss” with such conviction.  The word that brings the most smiles to my heart is to hear her say, “oh-tay”.  Maybe it is

austin laughing in the snow-1

The kids have been more than giddy the past few days.  IT SNOWED!

austin eating the snow-1

Austin made snow angels, ate it and rolled around like a wet dog.

austin and daddy snowday-1

My boys enjoyed being goofy together.

addie walking in the snow-1

Addie, my sweet Addie.  She had fun playing in the snow, but wanted it to stay out of her face.  Funny thing about falling snow?  You don’t get to tell it where to go.  She loved frolicking in the snow.

addie in the snow-1
While my house may not be organized and tidy tonight I can’t help but to feel so, so blessed. I am happy that rather than worry about the laundry tonight, I sat on the floor with my son to play a game, helped the kids tickle Daddy and giggle with the baby. These are the moments that we will look back on and smile. These are the moments that matter.

4 thoughts on “Happiness = Having Piles of Laundry”

    1. Thank-you Maria! As a new mom, it does take you some time to really put things into perspective but having a perfect house does not mean being a perfect mother. I am far from a perfect mother but am working towards appreciating the little things of life and focusing less on the perfection side 🙂

  1. Amanda, I am so glad you realize that these precious ones are small such a short time. These memories are treasures you will enjoy for years. Papaw and I enjoy the memories when you lived near. Thanks for the memories. Love to all.

    1. I have such wonderful memories of growing up down the road and being so close to the ones we loved. I am learning that they are growing far too fast, and the things that many times we feel are important, truly are not. We love you too!

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