Have a Relaxing Moment with Teatulia Organic Tea Review

For many tea lovers, choosing the right tea helps maintain a healthy lifestyle and a healthy environment.  Teatulia is highly concerned with both, providing a range of organic teas to satisfy every taste but also taking care that their teas are grown in a way that respects the land and those who tend to it.  Teatulia Tea comes directly from their single garden in Northern Bangladesh’s Tetulia region, hence the name.


The people behind Teatulia truly believe in sustainability!  They purchased about 3000 acres that was once considered to be “unusable” area and cultivated it into a what is now lush and profitable tea garden.  The soil where the tea is grown is developed with the use of organic cover crops and mulching, and they use rainwater to irrigate.

Bangladeshi Women picking Tea


Now that the land was lush and even had become a wildlife habitat, the founder of Teatulia wanted to help those in the community.  The surrounding villages were impoverish.   The tea garden estate had amassed a large heard of cattle, as they use the manure for fertilizer.  Needing help tending the cattle, Teatulia formed what is now called a Co-Op.  This enabled not only the workers but also the villagers to tend to the cattle, and return a liter of milk a day and some manure as payment for the cow.  Whatever other income that was generated by that cow even the calves are viewed as their own.   This bartering system has worked extremely well and they now have over 1,000 members in their Co-Op.

Teatulia has truly helped to build a sense of community for its workers and Co-Op members alike.  In Satmera, the Co-op members have even come together to start a one-room school built from bamboo donated by the community.  This may have never happened without Teatulia.


I love that they are USDA Cerified Organic.  Actually, Teatulia is the only tea garden in Bangladesh to be USDA certified organic. Teatulia has now become the largest organic, single tea garden in the entire world.


Teatulia’s commitment to sustainability carries through even to their packaging.

They use these beautifully made compostable canisters that use water based inks and even their labels are made from recycled paper.

I so love their tea bags!  They use a biodegradable silken pyramid tea bag.  You are even encouraged to use them more than once.

What is my Opinion?

Bottom line, although I am not a huge tea drinker myself, I did thoroughly enjoy the distinct flavors and even aromas of the Teatulia tea.  My daughter who absolutely loves ice tea, thoroughly enjoyed sipping my teas.  I was able to try out their Tea Medley which included: Black Tea, Green Tea, White Tea, Peppermint Herbal Infusion, Earl of Bengal Tea, Lemongrass Herbal Infusion, & Tulsi Infusion Tea. The Black Tea is a great tea if you have ice tea drinkers in your house!  The Peppermint Tea was also a huge hit!

A warm mug of hot tea with a biscotti, how can you go wrong!

I am so happy that I was introduced to Teatulia Teas!  They produce amazing teas but are also a company that I can truly feel great about purchasing from! 

You can check out all the Teatulia has to offer in their online store.  They are offering free shipping through the end of July 31st.  You can also save 25% off your orders by clicking here.

If you can connect with Teatulia’s mission, please reach out and like them on Facebook and Twitter.

I was provided with my Tea Medley at no charge.  All opinions expressed are 100% my own.



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  1. I especially love their Lemongrass tea, and pouring it over some Ice is really refreshing. And, with the coupon and free shipping till the end of the month, its actually cheaper than store bought tea.

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