Having GoodNites With a Little Help

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When you have more than one child, you quickly realize that what works for one may not work for the other.   Girls and boys are also very different when it comes to so many things, potty training is not an exception.

One thing I think that is so important is giving your child the confidence to know they can succeed and celebrating their victories, no matter how big or small.  Many times when parents are so upset about their child having accidents, it causes the child to actually lose their confidence and have more.

Austin once he was ready, he was ready.  We had a few accidents but then he was finished.  There was nothing extra we had to do at night, he just didn’t go.  We made sure we created a routine and he went right before bed but with a total of two accidents at night, he was truly finished.

Joovy Loo

Addie was really very easy during the day as well.  She loved using her little potty once we got the Loo from Joovy.  She was excited to go and we celebrated each potty success.  Night time has been a bit more of a challenge.  It doesn’t bother me, she is only three so she may just need a little more time.  It does however bother her.  She doesn’t like to wear pull-ups at night, she wants her big girl panties like her brother.  We have tried a few times and have had a few successes and a few accidents, which is totally normal.  We try to not make a big deal of it.

GoodNites Bedmats

When I heard about the GoodNites Bed Mats I knew they would be a great product to try out.  They are discrete and yet very effective.  They will allow us to easily keep trying our night-time potty training without as much work for Mama!  They are a large, thin pad you can place either on top of or under the sheets that will absorb the liquid if an accident occurs, protecting your mattress and being a convenient way to contain the little oops that happen sometimes.

Goodnites bed mats
Although it would be easier to place it on top of the sheets to prevent the need to wash the sheets if an accident does occur, Addie didn’t want to lay on it.  So we opted to place it under her sheets after the first night, so I knew it was there and yet she didn’t feel self-conscious about it!

Goodnights mats sticky

They have these cool sticky tabs that help hold the bed mats in place as your child wiggles or twists in bed at night.

They work amazingly well!  We have had a few great nights with no accidents and then we have had a few accidents.  On the nights we have, the GoodNites Bed Mats make clean-up a breeze!  I simple pull off her sheets, dispose of the bed mat and then replace it and place clean sheets back on the bed.  No wiping or waiting for anything to dry out, no need to clean anything (except for washing the sheets).

GoodNites Image 1

While we were at Target I also  picked up a package of the GoodNites Bedtime Underwear.  Although the size S/M is still a bit big on her, being as petite as she is, we have yet to have one leak on the nights we have put them on after an accident.  They are very soft, not having a paper-type feeling, so she is comfortable wearing them.  For a child that is a little older that still has night-time accidents, these would be the perfect  solution!

goodnites kids

Right now you can print a $1.50 GoodNites Coupon on Target’s website that is valid on either the Bedtime Underwear or the GoodNites Bed Mats.  I was able to print two and use one on each package making them $8.49 a piece.  The GoodNites Bed Mats will be on out list again in the near future as I can see Addie’s confidence growing each night she makes it waking up dry.  For the nights we have accidents, I have confidence that the GoodNites Bed mats will contain it!

goodnites back stroller


What tips do you have to share that allow you to have Goodnites?


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