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I signed up to have a Healthy Child Healthy World party actually a few months ago.  The plans were to host the party during their national party week in May, but due to illness in the family it didn’t happen.  We had scheduling issues with getting everyone together so I decided we would make a go with the party with just a small group and then we will repeat it later.

Healthy Child Healthy World is a non-profit organization that was founded by James and Nancy Chuda in 1991 after their daughter Colette died from Wilm’s tumor — a rare form of non-hereditary cancer.  They spend their time raising awareness:

  • Expand awareness of unnecessary toxic risks to children’s health;
  • Encourage easy actions and responsible lifestyle choices;
  • Advocate for corporate policies and government legislation that protect children from environmental health risks; and,
  • Engage communities to take collective actions to create a healthier world.

When my box arrived, I opened it to find amazing goodies from the HCHW sponsors!  As you can see, there is a huge assortment of products from various companies: EcoStore USA, Dolphin Organics, Nordic Naturals, Clif, Luna Bars, ECOS, Eat Well, and so many more…

The literature they provide is wonderful to help educate yourself and your guests.  They also include a DVD to watch that is full of vital information.  The truth is, we all want to raise our child happy and healthy.  The sad reality is, so many of the products we may be using in our homes are toxic!  Why would anyone expose their children to that?  The problem is there is so much greenwashing and lack of knowledge that it goes unnoticed by many.  That is where Healthy Child comes into play, through Education. 

We served local blackberries, cheese slices, organic apples, organic pretzels, and organic crackers while discussing some of the products that were on the table.  Nordic Natural provided reusable produce bags as their goody bags and they were filled with goodies and then we added a few more from items that came in the box.

I could not get a single photo with all the children in it, let alone with them being still.  Here are some of the kids looking through their goody bags (they were most excited to see the Clif Ropes).

Since we were going to be having a party, the kids wanted to get some present for their guests and we thought of purchasing wooden toys to include in their bags, but came up with an even better idea!  We decided to host a book & toy swap.  The children picked out a toy and a book for each one of their guests and then we all exchanged toys and books!  No extra waste and the children each received a new to them toy and book.  They were beyond excited. 

I was very happy with how our day went and all the amazing information that was included with the party pack.  Now that I have had my small scale party, my next goal is to host a full-fledge party with many guests. 

I encourage you to take the time and head over to the Healthy Child Healthy World website.  It is full of a wealth of information and encouragement with making changes in your life before it is too late!

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