Healthy Surprise Box: Monthly Healthy Snacking Subscription #SummerCelebration

Healthy Surprise is a monthly subscription box service that sends you a different box each month that is full of healthy snacks that have been hand-selected and taste-tested.  All of their products have to meet the companies standards for healthy ingredients and be sustainable.  For all those out there with food allergies, all the goodies that come in the Healthy Surprise boxes are vegan and dairy-free, and gluten-free.
Many of the brands that were included were brands I was not aware of!

So What is Included?

Each monthly box is different and they assure you will receive some new products each month.  I love to have easy, healthy snacks to grab and go when we are headed out the door and I think Healthy Surpirse is such a great fit for that!  I was very surprised at what was offered and although I received two duplicates, I enjoyed the various products, diverse flavors and textures and of course that there were a few sweet snacks mixed in with the salty!

I received the “Healthy” size box (and one of you will as well) which includes 32-40 servings of goodies for $66.00 per month and includes free shipping.  Although I haven’t yet tried everything out. this is what I received in my box (keep in mind, that each box may vary):

  • Coconut Bar Cherry by Oskri-This was so amazingly good!  I will be finding out where I can get more or trying to make some!  It only contained three ingredients: coconut, rice syrup and cherries.
  • Granny Smith Apple Chips by Bare Fruit-I was able to try the Apple Cinnamon last month during our celiacs awareness month and loved them.  I love how they have such a perfect crisp and superb flavor.
  • Mini Crunchy Vanilla Cookies by Home Free-These were considered to be awesome by the kids.  I managed to get one to try and they are a great crisp cookie!   If you are a gluten-free family, then you want to check them out!
  • Thai Lemon Curry-Cashews, Almonds, & Coconut blend by Gone Nuts!-These were very intense and full of flavor.  Would be perfect with a glass of wine!
  • Spinach Pesto-Walnuts, Almonds, & Pumpkin Seeds blend by Gone Nuts!-Again very intense, strong flavor but if you enjoy pesto, grab some goat’s cheese and wine and you are good to go!
  • Pizza Flax Snax by Go Raw
  • Cinnamon Crisps by Skinny Crisps
  • Cranberry Nut Bar by Two Moms In The Raw
  • Organic Hemp Seeds from happy hemp
  • Vanilla Maple Almonds by Hail Merry-Hail Merry
  • Honey Gold, The Bliss Bar

How does Healthy Surprise Work?

You get to choose which size box will best suit you and your family. They offer 3 main options:

  • Starter 16-22 servings (1-3 people)
  • Healthy 32-40 servings (2-6 people) The one I received
  • Large 50-60 servings (3-9 people)

There’s also a Super size of 200+ servings which would be great for an office party or maybe an extended road trip to stay away from the fast food!

Pricing is $33.00, $66.00, and $99.00 per month and shipping to the US is included on the two larger boxes or $5.00 on the smaller box. That breaks down to about $1.75-$1.83 per serving.  Even though I know I could make healthy snacks less expensive, it is much cheaper and healthier than not having something quick to head out the door and then grabbing something on the go.   I do like to have some convenience snacks on hand for that reason.

It looks like the dollar amount you pay is about what you would spend purchasing the items retail but I love that you will receive new brands that you may not find for yourself!  Will you always like everything included, no not always but they also have a cool service where you can offer your suggestions and feedback on what you did or didn’t like.

I love that there are no commitments and they stand behind what they offer by having a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Want to try out Healthy Surprise?

It is very simple, you can head over to their website and pick which box you would enjoy!  You can also enter to win a Healthy size box here on my blog through the Summer Celebration Giveaway Hop!  Head over here to enter.

You can connect with Healthy Surprise at their website, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

I received the above box in order to conduct my review.  All opinions are 100% those of myself and my family.

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