Hello Live Conference

I was able to attend the Hello Live Conference at a great discount in exchange for sharing my experiences for this amazing live streaming conference.


I had briefly seen the title Hello Live floating around the internet.  I peaked at it and was intrigued at the thought of attending a virtual conference about live streaming.  I have wanted to take part in video for some time but let’s face it, I am just not comfortable in front of the camera.  I don’t have any issues talking, sharing my feelings or carrying on a conversation with anyone, but video just seems so daunting.  So while I was intrigued, I figured it wasn’t for me.  I hadn’t even started doing video, or at least any published video.

Then I received an email from the One to One Network explaining more about the conference.  I decided to head over to read more.  This wasn’t just a conference for experienced vloggers or bloggers already involved in live streaming, it also was for those like myself who really want to take the leap and have held ourselves back.

It was live streamed from the beautiful Park City, Utah, my old stomping ground in the 90s.  While I would have loved to attended in person, the reality is, with four children being able to take part at home was AWESOME!  I was able to view the conference live for the most part, I could ask questions and interact with the speakers.  Then when I needed to step away, I could.  With the videos being in the conference group, I could then go back and re-watch the pieces I missed or wanted to view again.

I don’t want to give all the juicy details away, but there was so much inspiration!  Really!  Today I did my very, very first live streaming video.  It was short and only one person watched while I was live but that was A-Okay by me.  I was hoping to just go live and get my initial nerves out-of-the-way.  Thanks to the Hello Live Conference I was able to do it!

To say there was so much great information would be such an understatement.  There were powerhouse keynote speakers, one that shared her story of making $10 to a six-figure income and Holly Homer was the other who is amazing in pretty much everything she does, including live streaming.

We learned about selling yourself, being true to yourself, the roi on live streaming and so much more.  We heard from the CEO of the Busker app about his amazing new live streaming app that I downloaded and thought I would experiment with.  It is the first live streaming app that can be used to monetize live streaming.

We heard from Marion Armstrong who is huge live streaming personality.  He is going to be launching one of the first live streaming shows with Roker Media.  He was not only a captivating speaker, you couldn’t help get caught up in his enthusiasm.

The ladies from Mom It Forward and One-to-One spoke to us from a network perspective and what brands are looking for.  Live streaming is still “new” in its baby stages.  They shared insights that any of that are looking to eventually work with brands would be interested in.

There were so many amazing speakers!  After watching most of the videos twice, I am going back and writing notes this next time around so I have key points I want to implement.  I could go on and on but in reality, I don’t want to share too much to spoil it for you!  If you are an influencer and are interested in live streaming, you can still get a re-play ticket for the Hello Live Conference.  It really was amazing and well worth it price.

You can read my highlights I posted during the event by heading over to my Twitter feed.  You can also check out what other shared with the #HelloLive16 hashtag on Twitter as well.

If you are an influencer, I urge you to attend!

P.S. They announced a refresh conference in January 2017 and I can’t wait.  I hope to be a bit more experienced with live streaming when that time rolls around.

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