Help Your Infant Get Better Sleep with a Dohmie

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As part of my partnership with Mom It Forward Blogger Network, I was provided product and compensation for my time to review the Dohmie.  All opinions stated are strictly my own.

It is so hard to believe that Bethany is now 3 1/2 months old!  She is growing and doing very well.  Some days it seems that she has forever been a part of my life and then other days it seems like it was only yesterday when she was welcomed into our family.  Everyone is adapting well; Austin and Addie love their new baby.  We are still working on schedules and sleeping routines.   Oh, I wish we had a great sleep routine.  She is doing better but we are far from a great routine!

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When I brought Austin home from the hospital my Mother told me to start running the vacuum cleaner right away so he could get use to the noise of it running while he was sleeping.  Having a baby that can only sleep when it is totally quiet is actually a big problem when you have other children.  If I needed the house to be completely quiet for her to sleep, she wouldn’t sleep unless the other two were sleeping!   If Bethany is having a really fussy day, I hold her and vacuum and within a few minutes she is fast asleep.

While I can’t always run the vacuum cleaner for her to fall asleep, there is another solution, a Dohmie!  The brilliant folks at Marpac created an awesome product that creates white noise to help babies fall and stay asleep.

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What sets it apart from other white noise machines?  Unlike other white noise machines that run on a digital loop and cut off after a set period of time, the Dohmie uses electromechanical technology to create the continuous sound of natural rushing air.

I love that it is extremely light-weight, small and portable.  I am able to carry it from room-to-room as I need it and even take it with us when we are traveling.

After trying it out I am convinced it does help her stay asleep longer!  Since she usually falls asleep while nursing, I can’t say whether it helped her falls asleep or not, but it has been successful in helping her to sleep for longer periods of time!  And trust me, I will take any extra time I can get!  I am still adjusting (once again) to waking usually three times a night.

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If you are looking  for a gift for a new or expectant Mama, what better gift could you give than more sleep?  As a new Mama, count me in!

You can purchase the Dohmie at ToyRUs.  You can also connect with Marpac on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

20 thoughts on “Help Your Infant Get Better Sleep with a Dohmie”

  1. Oh this looks so cool! I don’t have a baby, but my friend has a 6 month old and she has a lot of issues getting to sleep! I’ll tell her to check out your review!

  2. I like this idea. I always played music for my babies to help them sleep but that just resulted in 7 year olds who need music to sleep…. I think white noise is a better idea. Something to look into for my baby to be!

  3. How neat! I am going to have to look into this for Lil Miss! At this point I am desperate to try anything to get her to sleep at a normal hour, in her own bed, for the night!

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