How to Hide the Cords from Your Wall-Mounted TV

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When we purchased our very first wall mounted TV, both my husband and I were so excited.  It enabled us to get ride of the entirely too bulky entertainment center that once lived on our entire living room wall, to a simple shelf.  We started with the TV on top of the shelf, because it came with a stand but quickly realized we wanted it mounted to the wall.  That was easy enough.  Bryan mounted a swivel mount and in twenty minutes it was up on the wall.  While I was completely happy with it, the cord now really stood out.

The cord just lifelessly hanging there bothered me.  Not that it was important, because what does it affect, but the cord just hanging down the wall was an eye sore.  Fast forward many years later, little kids who love to pull on anything hanging and we still had cords hanging.  Not just one cord hanging in one room, but multiple.  I got used to it but still thought it was ugly.

When we moved into our new to us house two years ago, we discussed Bryan adding in extra outlets to remove the need for the cords but that just hasn’t happened because it really wasn’t high on the improvement list.  Then I came across the Legrand – In Wall Power Kit from Best Buy and it looked easy, really easy.  It looked like something I could do myself and wouldn’t have to wait on hubby to tackle.  The In Wall Power Kit allows you to easily route the TV power and HDMI cables in the wall with no electrical wiring required!  Talk about an easy DIY!

As soon as we received it, Austin was so eager to help install it.  He looked it over and quickly volunteered to help.  He actually asked if he could do it himself.  He is nine, but in all honesty, if it weren’t for all the insulation, he probably could have.  The kit comes with everything you need.

Basically the way it works is using the hand hole saw (it also attaches to a drill), saw two holes in the wall.  One behind where the TV is mounted and the other close the bottom of the wall where you outlet is.  Using the included guides, you help feed your power cord and any needed HDMI cables through the wall from one hole to the next.  Then you install the grommets.  Once you remove the covers, you feed the cords into them and they basically rest right into the hole you cut.  The top one has a built in outlet for you to plug your TV into and the other connects to the power outlet.   Screw them off and the covers snap right back on.  Now all that is left is plugging the TV cords in.

Bryan installed a Legrand – In Wall Power Kit in our living room and it was Austin and my job to install the one in the playroom/school room.  Although Daddy did help thanks to the studs and all the insulation, it was very easy to install.  My only tip is if you plan to use the hand saw attachment, be careful to push hard enough to not strip the hand attachment, because then it is very hard to turn.  We have drills, but I wanted to try it out using the products provided to see how easy it would be.  From start to finish you could have it done in under a half and hour, less if you don’t have to remove your TV from the wall.

I love that something so simple, actually really makes me happy!  If only it were available years ago.  No more hanging cords, just a clean, aesthetically pleasing look.  If you are like me, and those lifeless hanging cords bother you, the In Wall Power Kit might just be the thing for your next DIY project.

Here is a video of hubby installing one in our living room and you can see just how simple it is. Be on the lookout for Legrand products at your local Best Buy store.


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