Homeschooling, Life with a Newborn and Keeping Learning Fun

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This last two weeks have proved to be quite challenging.  This was our first rough patch with Bethany, she has had such a sour tummy and thus we haven’t slept well.  I have spent more time trying to console her than anything else.  I knew with adding a baby into the mix we would have to adjust.  Blogging has been affected but rather than stress I have to prioritize and blogging is what is put on the back burner.


Our babies are only this age one time and I don’t want to miss out.

Our days right now are filled with feedings, lots of diapers, cleaning (and it is never clean!) and many hours of homeschooling.  I love seeing how the kids are developing and learning every day.  We are only six weeks into homeschooling and I have to be honest, it is a lot of work.  I knew it would be but I just didn’t realize just how much we would have to accomplish with the K12 program.  There is lots of busy work but I honestly love that the curriculum is so extensive and we shouldn’t miss anything.  That was my main concern with homeschooling.

Looking back to when I was in school, my memories of my kindergarten and first grade teachers are very happy.  They were always patient and really fostered a fun learning environment.  I can see that being a challenge with teaching my own children at times, especially days that we start off exhausted.  So my mission to make homeschooling fun for my children.  I want them to enjoy learning, to flourish and always be as inquisitive as they are now.

Keeping Learning Fun

Art was always one of my favorite classes in school.  Who doesn’t enjoy creating with color?  We had a lot of fun learning about mixing primary colors and what colors we created as a result.


We used our supplies from our Kiwi Crate subscription we received over the summer to learn about various types of painting.  We were learning about blurring colors together with water and some of the supplies we received over the summer were perfect for our project!  The children colored with markers on various cutouts and then they were turned loose with water bottles to spray them down.


Quickly they saw just how fast the colors blended and the lines blurred.  They were totally amazed how quickly water changed the total look of the colors.


Once they dried they were beautiful!

Travel the World with Little Passports

History is another of Austin’s favorite subjects, actually Geography.  Both children want to be world travelers so it is exciting for them to learn about other countries.  Although we are not even really touching the surfaces of the countries, they are being introduced to the continents and several countries on each one.


We are using our subscription to Little Passports to make our journey to some of the countries even more fun.  Sam and Sophia journey to various countries and through their letters included in your package, as well as photo and fun gift, you are able to journey through the eyes of a child to various countries.


The kids loved the China and Japan packages as we discovered the continent of Asia.  My children are still just a bit young for some of the activities included in the package, they still have a great time working through the word searches or puzzles with Mama’s help.  They love adding their stamps onto their passports and seeing what treasure Sam and Sophia sent them from that country.

Both the Kiwi Crate and Little Passports subscriptions are very reasonably priced, at $19.95 for a monthly Kiwi Crate box and as low as $11.95 a month for the Little Passports subscription, they are proving to be great tools for to use to make our homeschooling journey more fun and interactive for both children.

Our first coordinated field trip is coming up in about two weeks; Austin can’t wait to connect with some of the other homeschooling children.

What tools do you find helpful to keep your children engaged and make learning fun?

11 thoughts on “Homeschooling, Life with a Newborn and Keeping Learning Fun”

  1. We just started my son’s 3rd grade in August this is my 4th year homeschooling but now I have a 5 month old baby. It has definitely been challenging. I also use the little passports and my son loves it. I’m hoping this next month goes a little smoother. I think we’re beginning to adjust and I’m learning to sit with my son while the baby sleeps instead of going crazy cleaning the house.

    1. Yes! I think the adjustment is realizing the house will be upside down from here out. I just have to get to the point of accepting it 🙂

    1. my son has been using little passports since last December and I absolutely love it. Every month they get something that represents that particular country and they get to also do things online

      1. Yes! My kids love putting their pictures and little treasures into their suitcases. They pull them out from time to time to just go through them!

  2. Forget the kids! That looks like so much for me! And baby is getting so big already! I am glad to hear things are slowly but surely falling into a routine for you all!

  3. I’ve been looking for some supplemental education products I could do with the kids, and these look perfect. Side note: your children are amazingly adorable 🙂

  4. I do not have children but I have seen the Little Passports before and I think it is just the greatest program EVER. It makes learning geography fun for kids. Plus it offers history and lots of other subjects about the country visited too. Almost makes me wish I had kids. ALMOST.

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