The House? Yes, It is Ours!


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So it is official, we paid off our house!  I say that with more excitement than I can convey with words!  While I would love to say the journey was all roses, it wasn’t and our home still needs loads of money put into it, bottom line it that it is now ours.  That is such a great feeling!

We purchased an older home that was in major need of repair almost nine years ago.  We knew it would be a lot of work, we knew it would require money, and time, lots of time.  Here we are almost nine years later, three children added to the family, lots of illness and we are READY to get the ball rolling to get it finished!  Remodeling is no fun when you are living in the house.

There is unending dirt, dust and stuff, everywhere!  But in the end, it is all worth it!  Most of the rooms are close to being finished but still have something needed to complete it.  While a bathroom is next on our list, I now have the job to decorate our bedroom.  With the exception of one window needing to be reframed, it is actually complete!  Now is the time to dream…to dream an oasis that I can relax, fall to sleep and wake up in.


What room wouldn’t be complete without handmade items?  I have several projects in the works, several involving the children that will be great works of art in every sense of the word.

If I didn’t already have an amazing hand-forged iron bed from the Ironworks Galleria, I would go for one of these out of the box divan beds. Yep, I am all about being a little different, or better yet, unique!

With rich crème walls and deep walnut colored floors I have a blank canvas just waiting to be painted!  Now to decide a color scheme to move forward.

Are you a red, orange and yellow kinda girl or are you a fan of the cooler blues, greens and browns?

3 thoughts on “The House? Yes, It is Ours!”

    1. Thank-you! It is a great feeling! We have a long ways to go but knowing we are no longer paying for it makes it a little easier to sink more money into it 🙂 You know exactly what I am talking about!

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