How Can Solar Energy be Used in Your Home?

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What is Solar energy?

To put it simple, solar energy is the light produced by the Sun.  Sunlight is a form of radiant energy.  The sunlight that appears to our eyes is just the visible evidence of the energy of the sun.  The radiant energy from the sun covers the full breadth of the electromagnetic spectrum.

How Does Solar Energy Work?

Using the advanced solar technology, you are able to “capture” the sun’s radiant energy and convert it to either heat or electricity.  This is done by using special solar panels that are able to convert the sun’s electromagnetic energy into either solar thermal energy or solar electricity.  When the sun’s rays hit these cells, the energy is absorbed by the panel and releases free-flowing electrons. They flow into the panel’s metal tips and become an electrical current.

How is Solar Energy Used by Your Home?

The solar panels are then wired into a special device called an inverter.   The DC electricity generated by the solar panels is converted to an AC current and can be used by all of your household appliances.

Did you know that solar home systems can even sell solar energy back to the company for profit if the home is using less than it is collecting?  It is true!  Think of actually making money from an electric company, instead of always paying them!

Lighting-Solar lighting for nighttime and security use around the home is becoming increasingly popular.  Lamps have a solar panel connected to a battery and the battery is then connected to the light. These solar panel collect the solar energy during the day and in turn charges the battery.  Using a sensor that tells the light when to turn on, you are then provided with light throughout the night using your solar-powered lights.

Water Heaters-To heat water tanks, solar energy can also be used. Solar panels would be used to collect the sun’s heat. That heat is then run through a piping system inside that’s filled with water or antifreeze.  It then heats the water surrounding it.

There are so many ways we can use Solar Power in our homes to reduce our consumption, even if we are unable to make the leap and purchase full-fledged solar panels.

Why not start by looking into simple solar lights for your outdoor space at night?

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