How Do You Make Your House A Home?

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We have been in the process of slowly remodeling our home since the day we made the purchase back in 2005.  It has undergone so many changes compared to how it was when we purchased it.  I had forgotten just how many until I looked through some old photos today with the children.   It is amazing how much I have forgotten.  Remodeling a home while living in it isn’t always fun, but it was something we did much of my life growing up so I have become accustom to it more than most.

We have had our set-backs along the way (actually to be honest, many of them) but things are slowly starting to come together.  We have several major projects to undertake including both bathrooms, and one is completely gutted, but for the time being I am working on reorganizing the finished spaces we do have.

Today we moved around our living room and brought back in our coffee table and rocking chair.  It actually is beginning to look more like a living room than an office!  Our desk has been under the front windows for the past 12-18 months.  Hubby has to touch up paint where things scrapped the walls and then we are all ready to hang new pictures and photos!

Isn’t it amazing how much the little things make our house a home?  To add personal touches actually makes it home.  We have always been told that home isn’t a structure, it is where your heart is.  For me, my heart is wherever my family, my children are!  And I can’t wait to decorate the walls with their smiling faces!

empty wall kids

We have this long wall that right now does not have anything against it and I am going to make my picture wall!  I may place a mirror in the center but are trying to decide where / how to place all my pictures.  I have thought about using a Pocket Display that hangs on tracks with multiple pictures hanging vertically or using a collage with assorted picture frames and artwork.  I love being able to easily update photos with the pocket track system but also love how a collage wall looks with photographs and artwork displayed.

empty wall family photo

That isn’t the hardest part for me believe it or not!  Once I decide on how I want to display my photos then the hard part is deciding on which one photos I want to display.

How do you add your personal touch to your home?

5 thoughts on “How Do You Make Your House A Home?”

  1. After several years of being together and living in too many houses to count, I finally made a family photo wall in our living room of this house. It has photos of our little family together plus my family from back home. Definitely makes it more personal!

  2. We are great about using photos as artwork throughout the house. It’s one of my favorite ways to display the photos we’ve taken over the years.

    1. Ours has been eight 🙂 but in that time this wall was built. We have had things up and taken them down multiple times due to rearranging. Now it is my photo wall. I will update with pictures shortly, we hung five photo frames there last night!

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