How I Avoid Stressing Over my Taxes

As April rolls in with spring blooms, it begins a very busy season for most of us.  There are all the things that need to be wrapped up and finished before we welcome summer: school, spring chores, preparing our garden for summer, and taxes are due April 15th.  I have something on my calendar daily during the month of April.  This month I am determined to delegate more of what I can personally let go of, so I can have a little time to enjoy spring with my family instead. 

Not a week goes by in my house when we are not discussing travel and where we want to explore.  Sometimes it is within our own beautiful state, other times it is far away.  April is too packed to go anywhere too far from home, but we won’t let that stop us from exploring. 

Does anyone else start to panic a little when they look at all their files with receipts and expenses and earnings?  Being self-employed, I get 1099’s from lots of companies, have to track all my income, business expenses, mileage, the list goes on….and on.  Then when I think about the tight deadline between now and when taxes are due to be filed it makes me a little more nervous.  I’ve had these expenses and self-employment income for quite some time, so that isn’t new but with  tax reform this year so much has changed!  Everything is different this year, so bring on the stress…or NOT! 

Why would I not be stressed?  Well that’s because Block has MY Back

This year I’m using H&R Block, so I don’t have to worry about doing my taxes incorrectly, I have the peace of mind of having a tax pro on my side through the entire process. 

With H&R Block, they offer so many options, so you can choose what best suits your needs.  You can file yourself online, with direct access to a tax pro via chat with screen share.  You can use Tax Pro Go, where a  tax pro will file for you – you just simply upload your documents through a secure link and a tax pro does the rest.  Or, third you can make an appointment to meet with a tax pro, face-to-face. 

The options are all easy.  I have a lot of questions and like to get answers face-to-face, so it was super easy to go online, input my zip code, select the location near my home, and pick a date and time that was good for me.  I wish scheduling other appointments were this easy!  

Then I was taken to the page to choose the tax pro I wanted to make my appointment with, which was awesome.  I selected Jan because she is a Master Tax Advisor with 15 years of small business tax filing experience.  Her spouse is self-employed and that gave me the peace of mind that she can handle my own self-employment taxes. 

After I scheduled my appointment, I received an email confirmation with a link to help me fill out a personal checklist with all the information and documents I needed to be able to file.  It was a huge help to be able to print it off and check everything off my list to ensure I had everything I needed for my appointment.

I love that H&R Block has 11,000+ offices, and my local office is less than two miles from my house.  In about an hours’ time, I was able to explain my personal situation to Jan, walk-through everything she needed to get started and then I was out the door.  It is such a liberating feeling to know that I don’t have to spend the next few days stressing over figuring out numbers and researching tax reform.  Peace of mind!  Even before I scheduled my appointment, I was able to get an estimate with H&R Block’s upfront, transparent pricing so I knew how much I should expect to pay.  It was a huge relief knowing the price up front, rather than be hit with a big bill after. 

If you are expecting a refund, H&R Block offers a Maximum Refund Guarantee, so you can rest easy knowing if you have provided all the proper information, you are getting the most back.  If you owe money, they can help you set up an IRS payment plan.  Then they will offer you actionable advice for next year.  My husband and I want to change the structure of our business this year, and I was a little uneasy with how it would affect our taxes next year.  I loved being able to get all those questions answered. 

Family Travel Big River Crossing Bridge

Don’t let taxes rob you of your spring time joy.  Make a plan!  Make an appointment to meet with a local H&R Block tax pro and let them do all the heavy lifting for you.  You can have peace of mind knowing you have an expert in your corner every step of the way. 

Instead of stressing with numbers and tax reform, spend the day with the people you love.  Go on an adventure.  I did!  We planned our next getaway, visited a huge outdoor pyramid and walked across the mighty Mississippi River.

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