How to Start a Blog

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Although the better question at first might be to ask, why should I start a blog, this post will walk you through how to start a blog. Blogging has become another way to communicate, to share our lives, tell our stories and be creative. It also has become such a large part of life for so many of mothers because it is a way many contribute to their families income, some even supporting their families entirely from their blogs.

I will be the first to tell you blogging is not a way to expect to get rich quick. It is a long distance marathon which will require hard work and effort but can certainly be profitable.

After you have decided you want to start a blog, the next thing is to determine what you want to blog about. It needs to be something you are passionate about, something you will be happy to write about, to create and tell stories, regardless of if money is coming in. Being authentic and having passion will make or break a blog (trust me, I’ve learned the hard way!)

Once you have a topic, you will need to decide on a name. Although you may find that many names are already taken, there are so many names out there. My advice would be not to chose something that is too difficult or hard to remember or spell. Chose a name that fits your message and is simple to remember. *I highly suggest you check for social media handles in your name before settling on a permanent name as well.* I purchase my domains from You can usually get your first year’s domain (website address) for $.99.

Now that you have a domain, you can decide where you are going to host your blog. This is where your blog content will live on the web. There are free ways to do this, but even in the beginning, I do not suggest that. When you use free hosting (such as blogger, which is how I started out before I knew better, or you do not directly own your own content. You could labor and put your time and energy into your blog, even get it profitable, and then have it taken down or removed without repercussion. I strongly recommend purchasing your own hosting. For just starting out, I recommend using BlueHost to host your blog. They are simple to use and for a new blog, it is very inexpensive, blog hosting starts at only $3.95 a month.

Once you have your domain name (your www.— and now your hosting that will be like the home to your blog, you need to install a frame work for it. I started my blog originally back at the end of 2009 on blogger and later moved to WordPress. I would recommend using It gives you the ability to fully customize the looks and even install ads eventually.

Now you can choose your theme and the design of your site. There are literally thousands of themes, I have been using themes from Restored 316 the last several years and love to look and ease of them. They have terrific tutorials to walk you through customizing them step by step.

Once you get those things taken care of you can now proudly call yourself a blog owner.

Of course there are other things to decide on, who you will use to send your emails out to your readers or will you use services like GMass which are a mail merge service for GMail users and send your emails to your readers on your own but those are things I think are better left for month two of being a new blogger.  Decide when you will try to consistently post and share your blog posts to your social media.

Consistency and authenticity are the key to growing your blog.  There are hundreds of thousands of blogs online, you and your voice make you unique!

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